Carnosaur 1 & 2 (1993, 1995) review

Carnosaur (1993) Rated: 2.5 / 5 Well, after revisiting Tammy and the T-Rex, I got the urge to revisit these two films as well. The first one faced a rushed production and low budget in order to quickly get it into theaters prior to the (much deserved) hype Jurassic Park was generating about dinosaurs and … Continue reading Carnosaur 1 & 2 (1993, 1995) review

Casper (1995) review

Rated: 3.5 / 5 What's it like to die? Like... being born, only backwards. I actually liked this mid-90s kid flick.  Not something you're going to hear me say too often, because aside from the animated Disney flicks, 9 times out of 10, 90s kid films sucked ass.  The 3 Ninja movies sucked ass (though … Continue reading Casper (1995) review

Jumanji (1995) and Welcome to the Jungle (2017) dual review

Jumanji is one of my favorite films from the 90s.  It's not just a good kid-flick, but a good film in general.  So when I heard they were making a sequel to it, all I could think was, "Why?"  Then I saw the trailer, and I thought, "WHY!?!?!?" My second thought was, "So this … Continue reading Jumanji (1995) and Welcome to the Jungle (2017) dual review

The Baby-Sitters Club (1995) review

Rated: 3/5 "Everybody knows us, because everybody uses us." No, that line isn't from a film about hookers.  It's more innocent than that.  The line is from a film about elementary to middle-school to junior high-school aged girls who run the Baby-Sitters Club.  A club that takes phone calls from anyone in town who needs … Continue reading The Baby-Sitters Club (1995) review

Ghost in the Shell (1995) analysis.

"There are countless ingredients that make up the human body and mind, like all the components that make up me as an individual with my own personality. Sure I have a face and voice to distinguish myself from others, but my thoughts and memories are unique only to me, and I carry a sense of … Continue reading Ghost in the Shell (1995) analysis.

Might Morphin Power Rangers review

Rated: 3/5 I know what you're thinking. "Why don't you review the new Power Rangers movie?" Because fuck you, that's why! I don't wanna watch it! It looks like it's going to be terrible! ... Ugh, fine, I'll eventually get around to it, but not before revisiting this movie from my past. So I must … Continue reading Might Morphin Power Rangers review