Thoughts on Mein Kampf Chapter 2 (part 2)

Yeesh, over 3 months since I last visited this subject. Hate leaving loose ends (and occasionally dealing with symptoms). Better late than never. Last time when talking about how the bourgeois wants to avoid the lower classes at all costs, primarily out of finding the idea repellent that they could ever fall back down to … Continue reading Thoughts on Mein Kampf Chapter 2 (part 2)

White Dog (1982) and Homicide (1991) dual review, and the issue of race

There will be spoilers for both films. Rated: 3.5 / 5 I have to admit, the 80s to the early 90s continue to impress me. The most interesting of their films tend to have a lot of grey in their morals and themes, rather than making a pure black and white picture (assuming we're … Continue reading White Dog (1982) and Homicide (1991) dual review, and the issue of race

Thoughts on Mein Kampf Chapter 2 (part 1)

Part 1 Obstacles are placed in our path in life, not to defeat us but to be surmounted. -- p.73 More pages and density with this chapter.  So much so that I can't do my usual "quote every significant paragraph I see" method and comment on it.  I'm going to have to resort to the … Continue reading Thoughts on Mein Kampf Chapter 2 (part 1)

Thoughts on Mein Kampf Chapter 1

Introduction Yep, I'm doing this.  I've been catching a lot of flack from guys who hate Hitler and the Nazis and white nationalists about not reading Mein Kampf, while they themselves have read it.  Guess that's like claiming to be a Christian without having read the Bible (or at least the New Testament), or a … Continue reading Thoughts on Mein Kampf Chapter 1

Angel Heart review

Rated: 4/5 WARNING: The analysis I do for this film makes spoilers inevitable. Watch this film one time through before reading this review. Or don't and just read this review first, I don't really give a shit. The important thing is that I gave you a spoiler warning so that you have no one to … Continue reading Angel Heart review

The Shining (1980) review and analysis

Rated: 4.5 / 5 "I'm sorry to differ with you sir. But *you* are the Caretaker. You have *always* been the Caretaker. I should know sir, I have *always* been here." A lot of people tend to think of this film as a horror movie, or at the very least a thriller.  About a family … Continue reading The Shining (1980) review and analysis

Star Wars: Goddamnit that’s fucking it!

A Long Massive Intro "If Hollywood isn’t going to risk telling new stories, the least they could do is not fuck up the old ones." -- David Ehrlich I tried.  I tried with considerable effort to avoid getting back into discussing this film.  I did a review of this film months ago, and I may … Continue reading Star Wars: Goddamnit that’s fucking it!

The Youth of the Nation: Suicide Club Introduction Over the past couple weeks, my drive has slowed to a crawl.  I have no one but myself to blame, for the most part.  I have a bad habit of taking on too many projects at once, from television series (attempting to make a review for Naoki Urasawa's Monster, Babylon 5, Vietnam - … Continue reading The Youth of the Nation: Suicide Club

Resident Evil 7 (2017) review

Rated: 2.5-3 / 5 (depending on my mood) Completely Tangent Intro So I was playing through The Witcher 3, with all the DLC installed.  And after, I don't know, between 50-60 hours of playing, as good as that game is, all I could think was, "Goddamnit, isn't this fucking game over yet?  How fucking long … Continue reading Resident Evil 7 (2017) review

Lords of Hellas review

Rated: 5 / 5 I backed this game on kickstarter, and I believe I can say this could turn out to be my favorite kickstarter backed game next to The Lord of the Ice Garden (which also originates from Poland, along with the novel series which that game is based off of, which currently doesn't … Continue reading Lords of Hellas review