The Anomalous Host

I offend while making valid points. Without making valid points in the process, being offensive makes you an asshole.
I offend to promote tolerance. Without tolerance over what people say, we would be killing each other for bullshit reasons far too often.

Host: (noun) a person who receives or entertains other people as guests.
Anomalous: (adjective) deviating from what is standard, normal, or expected.

Welcome to the Anomalous Host blog.  Here I discuss topics in entertainment and information, mainly in regards to film, video games, board games, and occasionally news/politics.  Bluntly.  With no fear of using foul politically incorrect language.

I do reviews for films, video games, and board games (though board game reviews will be rare from me as I usually don’t end up playing those games enough times to where I consider myself experienced enough to make a fair review).

My rating system, on a scale from 0.5-5 (in other words, a scale of 1-10 for wise-asses):

  • 0.5: Unbearable torture.
  • 1.0: One of the worst pieces of shit ever created.
  • 1.5: Contains less than the minimum required to be decent.
  • 2.0: Forgettable.
  • 2.5: May have a decent moment or two, but is otherwise average.
  • 3.0: Solid, would revisit every once in a long while.
  • 3.5: Entertaining; what I usually expect.  Might be worth getting.
  • 4.0: Worth owning.
  • 4.5: Just shy of a masterpiece.
  • 5.0: Masterpiece.  If it was a movie, I could watch it twice in a row and be just as entertained the second time as the first (maybe more-so).

Every once in a while I’ll give my opinion on something outside of those categories, whether it be a book, a response to another blogger (a video blogger or a written blog), or some news story or article.  Usually when I go out of my way to do that, it’s because the blogger or news/political story did something that infuriated me (ie pissed me right the fuck off).

Feel free to donate so that I have more incentive to continue on with this site, and also if you want some influence on getting me to review something.

“The freedom of speech is meaningless unless it means the freedom of the person who thinks differently”.

— Rosa Luxemburg