Who am I?

Just some guy born in America, raised a Christian, got into many debates on Christianity (among other things) in online groups before deciding to turn away from Christianity and just become a Theist (not to be confused with Atheist).

Love watching movies, love playing video games, and have loved playing board games since 2008 (any year prior to that doesn’t count because during that time period I thought that only Milton Bradley and Parker Bros. games, plus Checkers and Chess, were the only games that existed). My tastes in film have become more refined over the years, and my tastes in gaming much smaller. While I do love gaming, I have become a very picky gamer, which I don’t consider to be a bad thing, because that acts as a defense mechanism when it comes to consumerist culture.

Have my own opinion about the afterlife ever since watching that Kay and Peele movie Keanu while blazed. Was granted an epiphany by the kitty, that the afterlife is all about reliving memories and gaining a greater understanding from them. Your own memories, and the memories of others, human, animal, plant, alien, etc. What we do in this life matter, making memories for the afterlife. I believe most religions hint at this idea in one fashion or another.

As for my personality and writing style, I tend to walk the thin line between sarcasm/smartassery for the sake of humor, and seriousness/honesty for the sake of making a point. Sometimes I don’t know myself if I’m being serious or half-serious.

While I prefer entertainment, sometimes I get a strong urge to talk about more serious subject matters relating to politics, history, philosophy, and/or religion.

I’m a bit of a procrastinator, but I make an effort to learn programming, writing, film editing, game creation (video or board), and Japanese when I can.

Current favorite film of all time: The Dark Crystal
Favorite video game of all time: Used to be Final Fantasy VII, now I’m not sure.
Favorite board game of all time: Starcraft: The Board Game


Can contact me at: theanomaloushost@protonmail.com