Philosophies of Fahrenheit 451: Chapter 3 and other quotes

Continued from Chapter 2 Last chapter. Chapter 3: Burning Bright Page 109: "[Fire's] real beauty is that it destroys responsibility and consequences. A problem gets too burdensome, then into the furnace with it." Another bit that's relevant to today.  If there's a problem, if there's a disconnect, rather than try to talk it out and … Continue reading Philosophies of Fahrenheit 451: Chapter 3 and other quotes

Philosophies of Fahrenheit 451: Chapter 2

Continued from Introduction and Chapter 1.   Chapter 2: The Sieve and the Sand So according to this chapter, when we reach the year 2022, we will have started one of 2 atomic wars. Well, that possibility is certainly there, and it might happen sooner than that. Get a desk and sleep tight. Page 71: … Continue reading Philosophies of Fahrenheit 451: Chapter 2

Philosophies of Fahrenheit 451: Introduction and Chapter 1

Read the book, plan to see the movie.  Until then, here's my thoughts on the philosophical points that I wish to point out from my first read-through. I read the 60th anniversary edition, which is worth pointing out because there's an introduction and some articles contained within the book that analyze/review it, and I will … Continue reading Philosophies of Fahrenheit 451: Introduction and Chapter 1

The Voices (2015) review

Rated: 3 / 5 "Being alone in the world is the root of all suffering." Warning, this is one of those movies you should see before reading this spoiler-filled review.  So if you haven't seen it yet, I would strongly advise watching it before reading this review. I watched this film 3 times.  The first … Continue reading The Voices (2015) review

Jumanji (1995) and Welcome to the Jungle (2017) dual review

Jumanji is one of my favorite films from the 90s.  It's not just a good kid-flick, but a good film in general.  So when I heard they were making a sequel to it, all I could think was, "Why?"  Then I saw the trailer, and I thought, "WHY!?!?!?" My second thought was, "So this … Continue reading Jumanji (1995) and Welcome to the Jungle (2017) dual review

Dredd (2012) review

Rated: 4/5 Intro Hey everyone (anyone) who follows this blog.  Been a small while since I've posted.  Well, some house remodeling has been going on, on top of my part time job temporarily becoming a full-time job.  Haven't had much free time to get a hold of a movie that is worth reviewing in length.  … Continue reading Dredd (2012) review

The Witcher (2007) review

Rated: 3.5 / 5 Note: I have only played this game with the Full Combat Rebalance (FCR) mod. Any input I provide based on the combat gameplay will be a reflection of this, as this mod does give the game a significant overhaul. Yep, regressed from the 2nd game into the first one. Why? Because … Continue reading The Witcher (2007) review

My History with WWF/WWE

When I was growing up in my younger years, I only caught glimpses of the World Wrestling Federation (WWF, as it was known up until April 2002) here and there.  The earliest image I can remember, one of the first episodes I watched (only a portion of it) was one of the worst episodes to … Continue reading My History with WWF/WWE

Golgo 13: The Professional review

Rated: 3.5/5 "Yes, if only I were like you, devoid of human sentiment." Now this!  This is how you do a movie about an assassin! A heartless, emotionless, cold-blooded killer with no sympathy and feels no compassion for anyone, and only speaks when necessary. It's all about the job and finishing it. None of that, … Continue reading Golgo 13: The Professional review

Combat Shock and They Live dual review

So this particular dual review I'm doing at the behest of the 2 guys running the Slaughterfilm podcast.  I got them to review a few of my recommendations in the past, so today I'm going to return the favor.  They asked me to review Combat Shock (aka American Nightmares) from Troma films (likely the only … Continue reading Combat Shock and They Live dual review