The Magnificent Seven (2016) Review

Nah, I'm just screwin' with yah. Bet you didn't know a 1998 version existed did ya? Here's the actual poster for the movie I'm reviewing. Rating: 3/5 Still not a big fan of posters that just show cast members (usually their faces, sometimes full body if you're lucky), and this seems to be a decent … Continue reading The Magnificent Seven (2016) Review

Blair Witch vs. The Blair Witch Project

Rating 1/5 (for Blair Witch 2016) 4/5 (for The Blair Witch Project 1999) "I see why you like this video camera so much. It's not quite reality. It's totally like a filtered reality man. It's like you can pretend everything is not quite the way it is." I enjoyed The Blair Witch Project. It's a … Continue reading Blair Witch vs. The Blair Witch Project

Wolfcop Review

Source   Rating 2/5     Source Warning, this review is not safe for work and not safe for kids. Source Source You've been warned.                               So I originally found out about this film from the podcast Slaughterfilm, episode 144. Mainly … Continue reading Wolfcop Review

Alien Isolation Review

Survival horror is a game genre that has been popularized by games of the past such as Clock Tower, Alone in the Dark, Silent Hill, and Resident Evil. In fact, before such videogames were created, it was a genre defined by film. Films such as Night of the Living Dead, and Alien. It is a … Continue reading Alien Isolation Review

The Path to 9/11 Review/Analysis Part 3

Continued from part 2. Fact-Checking Something else to consider. Aside from the bullshit reasons for trying to keep the film off the air, and the reasons for keeping the film off of DVD/Blu-Ray distribution (so far succeeding on that front), it would be a good idea to bring up the criticisms the film is facing. … Continue reading The Path to 9/11 Review/Analysis Part 3

The Path to 9/11 Review/Analysis: Part 2

Rating: 4/5 Note: See part 1 for more information on this film. Analysis of the Film The film is made in a Paul Greengrass style (ironic, considering that United 93 was released in the same year, as was Oliver Stone's World Trade Center; 2006 was quite a year for 5 year 9/11 anniversary films), and … Continue reading The Path to 9/11 Review/Analysis: Part 2

Don’t Breathe Review

I’m starting to think film critics are seeing the recent competence in horror films like The Witch and Lights Out, and are beginning to confuse it with simple competence. Neither one of those films were bad, mind you, I just didn’t think these movies were going to lead us to the Promised Land. -- Chris … Continue reading Don’t Breathe Review

The Path to 9/11 Review/Analysis: Part 1

  This film is banned in the United States. The Path to 9/11 was originally released as a 2-part miniseries in 2006 on ABC, produced by ABC and Disney, written by Cyrus Nowrasteh. It's a docudrama that recreates/dramatizes the events from the 1993 World Trade Center bombing (which itself is dramatized in a made for … Continue reading The Path to 9/11 Review/Analysis: Part 1

United 93 Review

Source: "We have some planes." Now this is more like it. A big step up from World Trade Center. Jesus what an emotional gut-punch those final seconds are.   A Review and Comparison to World Trade Center In order for me to talk about this film, I'm going to have to make comparisons between … Continue reading United 93 Review

Jack the Bear Review

Taking a break from my 9/11 film reviews- "What? But you just got started!" "Shutup. It's my blog and I'll do what I want." I'm curious about films like these I missed out on during my childhood. 90s kid films that are genuine in their intentions and aren't comedies that use dumb slapstick humor. Pretty … Continue reading Jack the Bear Review