Death Wish (2018) review

Rated: 3.5 / 5 "So you're going to save the animal that shot him!?" "If I can." Rant So I was interested in seeing this film in November of last year when it was set to release, but then it got pushed back to May 2, 2018, due to concerns of it being released … Continue reading Death Wish (2018) review

The Las Vegas Gun Violence (10-2-2017)

I know what's going to happen. Regardless of the shooter's affiliation, whether he's just some crazy old man who decided to go insane at this moment in his life, or if some organization convinced him to do this (be it religious or political), the same thing is going to happen that always happens in situations … Continue reading The Las Vegas Gun Violence (10-2-2017)

Miss Sloane and The Brave One review

Rated: 2/5 I must confess, I had a bit of a special reason for wanting to watch this particular movie. I initially learned about it not via trailer, but via Steven Crowder. But then I did eventually watch the trailer. So, plot synopsis. The film is about a woman named Miss Sloan who is very … Continue reading Miss Sloane and The Brave One review