My Theology

This is the blog post that will convince many of you that I’m insane.  Well good.  Being normal is overrated.


Sometimes one wonders how a religion gets started.  An individual doing an act many consider miraculous?  One who believes they have been touched by God (or whatever) and decide to write about it?  One who is critical of religions, and makes a religion as an answer to others?  In any case, there are usually writings either done by the founder, or by followers of the founder, or those who have observed the founder and/or his/her followers.  Did the founder truly experience a supernatural sensation or vision?  Did they really see God?  Was their epiphany real, imagined, or drug induced?  Can the founders themselves ever be certain?

I say no matter what the theology is, it always requires a certain amount of faith.  Because having all the answers is impossible, faith is mandatory.  But this shouldn’t be confused with blind subservience.  Faith is believing something to be true even when there isn’t enough evidence to logically conclude that the belief is a valid one.  For instance, it doesn’t take much, if any, faith to believe the sun will come up tomorrow, even if there are clouds to block one’s view of the sun.  99.9% likely this will happen, but there is always that 0.00001% (add however many zeroes as you will to that, with whatever number at the end) chance that some unforseen event can occur that ends up being the exception to the rule, such as alien interference, some space nebula or gas cloud that spontaneously appears to consume a planet or two.  You know, strange stuff like that.  It’s as close to a certainty as we can get with the knowledge we have available to us.

But when one believes they will go to sleep, and then awake to see the sun rise again, well then that would take a little more faith.  Because a number of things could happen while you sleep that could result in death (sleep tight).  But considering the number of times one has slept, then awakened, and repeated the process over and over again, it’s a reliable faith to have much of the time.  And one is aware of the possibilities that could change that outcome.  Faith, in that case, is believing the outcome won’t change for that night.

And then there’s faith in things one hasn’t observed, that one hasn’t experienced.  This could be anything from belief in a supernatural entity that watches and/or guides us, how the afterlife is, that things written in a religious book are legit; to things such as believing one day there will be world peace, or that mankind will one day expand beyond Earth and start to colonize the stars.

Faith comes in many shapes and forms, and isn’t limited to religion.  One could have faith in a positive outcome just as easily as one could have faith in a negative outcome.  Most importantly, one has faith that what they are doing is the right thing to do.  Or even faith that what someone else is doing is the right or wrong thing.

Currently I have faith that my belief in the afterlife is the right one.  And no, this isn’t an afterlife based on Christianity, Catholicism, Islam, Satanism, Buddhism, Scientology, or any of that.  I’m not entirely sure if my belief is one that is an established religion others follow.  If it is, it’s not well-known.


The First Message

I should mention how I came about this belief of mine.  It’s not something I came up with by studying several religions.  It was more spontaneous and amateurish than that.  It happened one day roughly 2 hours or so after I had eaten a portion of a pot brownie (yes, this is one of those things I came up with while under the influence).  And was watching that Key and Peele movie Keanu.  Once that shootout scene started happening, and that cat was running around (emphasis on the cat), suddenly it hit me like a hammer to the head.  An epiphany?  A message from beyond?  A wild thought produced by various chemical and cellular concoctions in my brain?  Well, it felt real enough to me.

How many of you picture me at this point.

What hit me was the idea of the afterlife, what happens to us when we die.  From what I can remember, we turn into these humanoid beings that aren’t made up of flesh, or anything solid as far as I understand it.  Rather we are made up of many circular golden lights that are condensed enough to give the appearance of a humanoid form.  Think of it as connect-the-dots with the stars, but the stars are gold-colored, and there aren’t any lines.

Closest similarity I can think of at the moment.  Vectorman.

As for what we do in the afterlife, well, it’s a multi-step process.  First thing that usually happens is that we relive our life, viewing it in a similar way as we would a film, with the ability to jump to any point in time we want.  Feeling the same sensations, the same thoughts (but with more awareness to it), the same feelings, etc.  Reliving whatever highs and lows we want.  Once one has their fill of that, then comes the interesting part.  The ability to live the lives of others who have also passed.  With many people to choose from, there will be plenty of lives and memories to sift through.  Like having access to a giant video library.

And this won’t be limited to experiencing the lives of other humans.  This also extends to any other lifeform.  Even those not on Earth.  Because everyone and everything that dies eventually gets transferred to this same place, the afterlife.

Once one has had their fill of experiencing all they feel that needs to be experienced, that’s when they begin to mingle with others who have also had their fill, and begin their walk in the afterlife, whatever life that turns out to be.


The Second Message

It was many months after that initial experience before it hit me again.  Wasn’t really watching a film at that time, but I was high again (that seems to be the only way to get it to happen, and it’s rare when it does happen, as it’s only happened to me a total of 3 times as of this writing).

There was a feeling of great happiness.  As if I were touched (on a mental-level) by one of the beings experiencing my life.  To let me know that everything will be ok in the end, one way or another.  And reinforcing the idea that the initial message wasn’t some random fluke.  Reinforcing the idea that this vision of how the afterlife works is real. That’s all that really happened.


The Third Message

A number of months came and went before this happened (not as many as between the first and second message).  This time it was more of a mind-bender.  The idea that our lives are imagined.  It becomes a bit of a mind-bender at this point, and I wonder if this contradicts what I experienced in the first message.  But it does fit in with the second message, reminding me of something I had forgotten from that experience.  That feeling of joy was being experienced on multiple levels, simultaneously.  That feeling that the joy wasn’t just being felt by me, but from those on lower and higher planes of existence, all having joy felt from being observed by the higher entity, by the observer, experiencing all our lives in that moment.  It made me picture a downward spiral line, only made up of circles close enough together to give the look of a spiral line.  And a line passing vertically down through some of those circles (missing most, hitting some).  The observer is the line, and those experiencing the sensation of joy from the observer are the circles being hit by the line of the observer.

The idea that our lives are held in the shape of a ball, sort of like those balls containing universes in Men In Black.  Except it’s not a universe so much as a thought.  To put this in perspective, consider someone who is thinking of writing a character in a story.  The thought of the character is 1 ball, formed by the thought of this person.  But in this case, the character in the story has a will of his own, and he inevitably also makes a thought about something.  A ball within a ball.  They multiply from a point of origin, similar to the idea of planets and galaxies expanding from a point of origin ala the Big Bang Theory.  The idea that we are created from a thought, and how what we create also comes either from our own thoughts or from the thoughts of others.

Circles represent a life or a thought on a plane/dimension of existence.  Dotted lines represent the planes/dimensions (I was too lazy to draw a dotted line for each circle).  The solid line represents a point in time when someone on a higher plane/dimension looks into, or relives/re-experiences the lives/moments/thoughts each circle represents.

For what purpose?  Because in the afterlife, we (or what we become) are building something.  Why and for what purpose, I don’t know.  Haven’t gained that insight.  But this something, when attempting to visualize it, I think of those plasma plates you can find at a Spencer’s store, where the electricity is attracted to your finger should you touch the disc.  This is the visual I got, but I was also under the impression that this isn’t the exact image of what is being built so much as the only thing I would be able to visualize that most closely matches the description on this plane of reality.  I imagine the image changes once I get to the next plane of existence (ie the afterlife).

But I do believe that the whole “experiencing the lives of others” fits in with the reason for building it.  Or rather, providing the means for building it.  Experiencing the lives of others isn’t done just for our entertainment, and just for giving us something to do while in the afterlife.  It’s also for knowledge that can be gained from others.  How that knowledge can also be achieved from the sensations and insights of other lives, from other beings.

Which brings me to the 3 most important factors that are universal to everyone, no matter the race, gender, species, dimension, etc.  Wisdom, knowledge, and entertainment.

Wisdom is knowing what should be done.

Knowledge is knowing how to do it.

Entertainment is what keeps us motivated to continue on.  After all, if it’s a life without any fun, what’s the point?

And these three work together.  Entertainment can be had from knowledge and wisdom.  Having for knowledge isn’t good for anything unless there is a reason for putting it to use, and wisdom provides that reason (and to another extent, entertainment too).  Likewise, wisdom is pointless unless there is a way to actually do something with the wisdom possessed, and knowledge is knowing how to do that something with the knowledge.  Having fun while doing any of the above makes it all worthwhile.

Those three things are linked to the reason as to why this certain something is being built at the higher (highest?) planes of existence.

In addition, I gained insight into another bit of wisdom that can be learned in this life, that is significant in the next.  Individuality, and conformity.  The individual is as important as many individuals working together with a like-mindedness.  As original, creative, and capable as an individual can be, the individual can be more effective in a team.  At the same time, if there is only one group where everyone thinks alike, and no one else to show alternative ideas, then they will suffer from lack of creative ideas.  Thus the individual is equally as important as a group of conformists.  In the next world, I believe, we go through phases.  There are times where we wish to be alone with our own thoughts, or to experience the thoughts of other individuals, and do so.  There are other times where we wish to be with other like-minded individuals.  Both are important.

Ultimately, an individual is made up of many individual parts working together in order to make the individual work.  Like cells making up the body, the brain, the heart, the DNA, etc.  They can each be distinct on their own, yet they also work together, meshing together as a team of different-minds, different-abilities.  Even a thought is significant and powerful in this manner.  A thought can drive one to do a great many things, or just one thing however grand or small.  A thought is like a bubble, as are we.  I suspect we exist as thoughts from a being on a higher plane of existence.  And there are multiple planes of existence.  We are neither at the top or at the bottom.  Like individuals, each plane works in their own way.  Like a group of like-minded thinkers, they also work together.  After all, can there be 2 dimensions without 1 dimension?  Can there be 3 dimensions without 2?

What I do know is that, in this plane of existence, we are incapable of knowing all the answers, even if granted the temporary gift of insight into those higher planes.  It doesn’t matter how intelligent you are, what drugs you use, what near-death extremes are taken.  The mind in this plane of existence is incapable of comprehending much beyond our current plane of existence.  But we can comprehend everything on the lower planes.  Thus the knowledge/wisdom/entertainment to be had in this plane will all carry on to the next.  And all those experiences from that next plane of existence will carry on to the next.  And so on and so forth, until we reach the highest plane.  Which involves us (or is it I, and individual or a group, or both at the same time, as contradictory as that sounds) eventually having the wisdom, knowledge, and entertainment experience needed to construct whatever it is that needs constructing for whatever reason.  For all I know, those on the higher planes of existence got bored at some point and want to build the ultimate entertainment system, which also serves as the ultimate source of wisdom and knowledge.


Final Thoughts (until the next “Insight Experience,” if there is one)

In any case, it makes me optimistic about things when I (and everyone else) pass from this life into the next. I have considered the possibility that I may be wrong.  That these 3 experiences are just coincidental delusions brought about by a dream state where I subconsciously bring forth images I’ve seen before in the past that I’ve combined together to create this theory.  Any experience like this can be explained away with stuff like that.  On the other hand, a doctor’s opinion isn’t always the right one.

Ultimately, no one can know for sure until they’ve passed on.  At least in this case, there is a reason not to rush passing on, something Christianity tacks on by saying, “Get to heaven when you can, unless it’s by suicide, in which case you’re going to hell.”  Or Islam where they highly encourage one to get to the afterlife as soon as possible to have 70 slave girls be their pets for eternity, so long as they go out in a blaze of glory in a religious war.  Not so with this belief of mine.

In fact, the belief itself is inconsequential, which is why it won’t ever really catch on (something one of my experiences indicated).  Because it only really effects one’s experience in the afterlife when they get their, and doesn’t have any real bearing on one’s current life, it doesn’t really matter if one is convinced of it or not.  And it is better that things stay that way.  After all, when we’ve moved on, we’ll be wanting to experience as many diverse beliefs/thoughts as possible.  Because many beliefs, experiences, and emotions, hold different pieces of the puzzle.  For all I know, they all may have been inspired by something similar.  Even I’ll admit that I’m only capable of knowing one piece of the puzzle.  It’s only when we pass on to the next dimension, and the next, and the next, do we begin to put more and more of these pieces together.

Until then, it’s best to create as many memories as possible, to make your life one that is worth reliving.  Until then, at least in this life, we know that there is a puzzle.

The Las Vegas Gun Violence (10-2-2017)

I know what’s going to happen. Regardless of the shooter’s affiliation, whether he’s just some crazy old man who decided to go insane at this moment in his life, or if some organization convinced him to do this (be it religious or political), the same thing is going to happen that always happens in situations like this, regardless of how high or low the body count is (though from what I’ve gathered this is the highest body count yet from a shooting massacre). Most mainstream media outlets are going to call for gun control and a ban on guns. So that this won’t ever happen again. Late night talk shows are going to preach this message, most news organizations are going to preach this message, and trolls on any website that has a comments section will be blaring as loudly as they possibly can that guns should be removed from everyone. They never let a crisis go to waste. Hillary Clinton sure doesn’t.

Some sources say the shooter did all this because the crazy old man converted to Islam and joined ISIS a few months prior to this incident, but this could happen whether or not that is the case. For all we know, it could just be some old guy who despises country music and anyone who listens to it. Besides, information like this can’t be trusted or relied upon during the first 24-48 hours after an incident like this. Too much misinformation flies around.

My position on this matter is to disagree with those statements entirely. Banning weapons is not the answer, otherwise places like Chicago would be a better place to live. However, when a gunman is able to store a bunch of rifles in his hotel room including a machine gun in a state that has lax gun laws to the point that you don’t need a permit or license to purchase any (at least when it comes to non-private sales), that tends to raise a few eyebrows at the very least. While I don’t believe guns should be banned, I do believe that only responsible people should be able to purchase them, which is why I do believe that permits should be mandatory. It just saddens me that some people can be so violent and crazy and untrustworthy that it makes this necessary.

On the other hand, even those with permits could still pull something like this off. Even those with insane evil intentions can act proper, mature, and of sound mind when it comes to acquiring weapons before they decide to use them.

It all reminds me of a post I made (long before I established this website) regarding a shooting incident in December 2012, in regards to a school shooting:

God o’mighty, another big news story that will last for weeks, only to get gradually more and more politically and media biased in some form or another, until you get sick of hearing about it. Personally, I’m already sick of it on day 2. The media won’t handle this any differently than the death of a single celebrity, except that there’s more tragedy in it (a bunch of children killed).

Don’t get me wrong, this event is sad as hell, but I hate the discussions that spawn from stuff like this. There’s always some uptight radical asshole (religious or otherwise) who will say something on the event that will piss people off for the wrong reasons. There’s always some news channel that will spin it in a despicable way. There will always be a dipshit politician who will try to make his/her own political gain/agenda from the event. There will always be some guy/gal who will say the law should change in some way that involves removing someone’s right and/or giving more power to the higher-ups (or in some rare cases taking it away). And last of all, all of the above (and more) will have me pissed off enough to post a rant about it.

Let’s face it, stuff like this has been going on a lot longer than some of us would believe. 1902. Year 1902 A.D, October 10. That’s when the first school shooting ever took place, in Altona, Manitoba, in an event known as The Altona Schoolhouse Shooting. It happened then, it happened a few years ago, it happened recently, and I have no doubt it will happen again. If guns didn’t exist, people would be using knives instead, because there is always some person out there who becomes fucked up enough to do shit like that.

Basically what I’m saying is, it doesn’t matter what law is passed, what actions are taken, or what year it is, tragedies like this are inevitably going to take place at some point in time. Only thing we can do his get over it and move on. If an agreeable way can be found to make such an event have a less likely chance of happening in the foreseeable future, that would be a bonus. No point in trying to make other people’s lives miserable by moping over it for too long, or by imposing your own set of laws/standards that hurt more people than it helps. Just let everyone be. If another f’d up person shows up wanting to start a killing spree, hope that there is another person (or multiple people) on the scene with the freedom (that no one should take away) to stop that person ASAP. You don’t have to be a security guard to do so, you just need to realize you can do so yourself, and have the balls to do it (ladies, we all know you can also grow a pair too; don’t think your excluded).

My feelings haven’t changed much in that regard since. If someone really wanted to kill a lot of people, there are alternative means to guns. If guns were banned, assuming they couldn’t get a hold of guns on the black market, they would use explosives instead. Every bit as illegal once cobbled together, but more difficult to track.

And there’s another thing to consider. This is one major incident that doesn’t happen very often. If guns were banned in order to stop a major incident like this from happening, what would the consequences of that be? Thankfully there are examples to make my point. In 1996, Australia implemented a gun ban, with the intent to cause violence to plummet. Well, gun violence did plummet (although didn’t altogether disappear, still making up for 20% of all homicides even after the ban), but other types of violence rose, such as sexual assault, manslaughter, armed robbery, kidnapping, and unarmed robbery (Source). The same thing thing happened in the UK with the same results (Source). And other studies, including by John R. Lott, have shown consistently that crime rises when guns are banned or made difficult to get a hold of (Source).

The bottom line, even if guns are banned, even if we disregard the purpose of the second amendment and why every citizen of sound mind should be able to have access to a gun, even if that does prevent major incidents of massacres such as the one that happened recently in Las Vegas, this would inevitably lead to an overall increase in crime that would defeat the purpose of banning guns in the first place. Sure, that would most likely prevent a massacre that would kill 5-80 people within the course of an hour or less; but this would be offset by having just as many people killed, if not more-so, overall, only more spread out over a series of days/months/years.

And people ask for the government to help them out. Has the government ever been that efficient at helping out citizens? Can you honestly say that with a straight face without lying through your teeth? I say that there is a reason why they say freedom isn’t free. It’s because the free have to work everyday to maintain their freedom. That includes being capable of defending your freedoms and defending yourselves. Because we will always be susceptible to dangers like this. Live with it, because it could be worse than it is now.

Besides, a lot of them speak as if banning guns will enhance our security and our safety, as if its possible for someone to live life without any danger, with a full sense of security, without needing to worry about anything. Bullshit! Danger will always be in our lives, in one form or another; ok that’s a lie, it will be in multiple forms. The point is, you have to live with danger. Besides, saying there can be safety without danger is like saying there can be light without darkness, good without evil. Live with danger. Live being prepared for danger. Hope for the best, prepare for the worst. Be tough, not weak. Be independent and worthy of living free.




The only reason I’m including this little bit of information here is because it ties into the next movie post I’m making on this site.  So apparently ESPN (and Fox Sports from what I understand) was planning on not airing the national anthem segment of football games so that the controversy can be ignored and that the protesting players won’t get their free air time.  It pisses me off that it’s come to that, but that was their plan.  But now, as a result of this shooting, ESPN has decided to reverse this decision for the Monday game, 10-2-2017.  Let’s see if these assholes decide to kneel this time.