Region-Free Blu-Ray Frustrations

So a couple months ago I purchased a region-free blu-ray player from eBay.  LG Model BPM25 (hacked by the distributor to be region free).  Advertised to play any region blu-ray, any region DVD, on either NTSC or PAL format, on any television screen.  And I paid close to $100 for it.  Because I'm tired of … Continue reading Region-Free Blu-Ray Frustrations

Beauty and the Beast (1991) review

Rated: 4/5 Introduction (aka bitching about the color scheme) So to be honest, I wasn't expecting this review to take this long to make. It's a story that's worth visiting. So, as you may know, Disney has a habit of releasing their most popular films roughly every 10 years, then putting them out of circulation … Continue reading Beauty and the Beast (1991) review