Europa: The Last Battle (2017) review

So today is April 20th.  A day of infamy.  Where everyone is encouraged to roll a joint and smoke it; bake a batch of edibles and eat ’em.  It’s international pot day!  It’s a day to celebrate!

It’s also Hitler’s birthday.  The man who has been considered the most vile, racist, fascist, inhumane villain ever known to man (some would consider him worse than Stalin).  The man who founded the Nazis.  The man responsible for the Holocaust.  The man responsible for attempting to take over Europe.  The man responsible for making plans for Nazis to set up a base on the moon and eventually take over the world.  Well ok, that last bit might be a bit over the top.

Actually, there are those who say that virtually everything in the previous paragraph is over the top, minus the birthday.  That he wasn’t as villainous as many were and are taught.  That there wasn’t really a Holocaust.  That he wasn’t planning on taking over Europe, then the world, then the moon.  How much of that is true and how much of it isn’t?  Well, a documentary certainly aims to tell as much.

Rated: 3 / 5

[Edit (6-19-2021): I’ve lowered the rating from 4/5 to 3/5 on account of historical accuracies that have come to light upon further research.  That being said, there is still enough information contained within this that makes it a worthwhile watch for those who want an introduction into this subject.  For more, see here:]

Understand that any film we credit with changing the world is a distraction. Films don’t change the world. They react to changes in the world.

Sally Jane Black

I disagree with the above quote.  Because it’s been proven that propaganda can sway minds and thus influence a change in a community, in a nation, and in the world.  And they don’t necessarily react to changes either, they can cause these changes.  Many wouldn’t disagree that The Birth of a Nation (1915) made some changes in the United States, breathing new life into the Ku Klux Klan, which stuck around decades afterwards before dissipating again (except in the movies where they are bashed, which seems to happen roughly once a year).  But an even bigger reason to disagree with it is because those who have owned all the major film studios since that very era have pretty much all been Jews.  That in of itself isn’t necessarily a bad thing, since we all like a good movie.  But we do certainly see their influence throughout history.  Same thing with documentaries like Blackfish which affected Seaworld.  Or Super Size Me, which impacted McDonalds.

For instance, the first major film to be released with actual audio (as in you hear what people say or sing) is The Jazz Singer (1927).  In the film, a man who has been rejected by his father because of what he sings, eventually decides to use his voice at a Jewish event to help lift his father’s spirits; so that his father doesn’t die from some bout of depression or something.


Eh, I just don’t have the willpower to type up anything fancy, so I’ll just say what this documentary is.  It’s a long 10+ hour documentary divided into 10 parts (sort of).  It’s not professionally made.  It’a basically a glorified youtuber documentary.  Well that’s not entirely accurate considering YouTube won’t allow this documentary on their site.  But hey, there’s always BitChute (thank God for alternative platforms).  Mostly made by 1 guy by the looks of things.  But he certainly did pool his information from an assload of sources.  Various books, film, podcasts, documentaries, etc.  All of which are listed at the end of the last episode.  The episode lengths vary from 35 minutes to 2 hours (though only episodes 8 and 9 go that long).

And is the documentary overlong?  Kind of.  There are 2 episodes, maybe 3, that could’ve used some trimming.  Here’s basically what the documentary does that bugged me with some of these excessive sequences.  It talks about some event that caused a lot of pain and suffering to a lot of people, and then spends no less than 10 minutes (maybe even 30) showing interviews with these “survivors” who talk about the event(s) and cry about it.  Because this documentary really wants to hit you over the head with that sadness.  In all fairness, these are sad moments.  But they could’ve been condensed.  The point had already been made.  This doesn’t happen regularly, so in the grand scheme of things it doesn’t ruin the whole documentary.  But the second half of the first episode is basically like this, and it can be off-putting to some who would even dare try to watch this thing in the first place.  But stick with it.  You’ll want to at least make it through episode 8 to get the brunt of the impact of this documentary.

And what is this documentary?  Well, for the most part, it basically tells the story of World War II from a perspective you are guaranteed not to have been taught in any school or any university.  But it does more than that, it also covers the Bolshevik Revolution (and how that started and who started it), it covers World War I, it covers the Holocaust, and it then basically jumps ahead to some modern day messages about the current state of things (most of which is basically repetition to those who have been taking a good look at the state of the world through sources that aren’t considered mainstream).  But the main thing it does is state who was behind much of these catastrophic events and world wars.  The Jews, who wanted to establish the dreaded “New World Order,” along with an Ethnostate run by Jews and only occupied by Jews (Israel) to eventually, long term, control the world under a world Communist government.

Yeah, I know, I know, antisemitism, racism, fascism, blah blah blah, I’ve heard it all before, and you’ve heard it all before.  But you likely haven’t heard much of what is in the documentary before.  And it’s worth watching for that alternative perspective.  Because this perspective fills in some gaps that I’ve wondered about ever since learning about these events in school.  Plus it provides a very compelling case that much of what we have been told has been a lie, and provides alternative (or additional) facts that are very much worth pondering.

It’s best if I break it down episode by episode.

“First we take Manhattan, then we take Berlin.”

Episode 1: Primarily states that Jews were the ones that founded these major banks that have their tentacles in everything today, and have always been controlled by Jews.  Just to name one example: the Rothchilds.  The same organization stated to have created the Federal Reserve, which the U.S. has based its currency on ever since Woodrow Wilson allowed that to be in the 1910s.  In addition, it states that the people who organized, led, and funded the Bolshevik Revolution were Jews.  Because the Jews also founded Communism (and yes, Karl Marx was Jewish too).  Thus when Vladimir Lenin led the Bolsheviks into taking over Russia, they turned Russia from Christian to Communist.

Episode 2: Basically talks about how it was those elitist Jews that started World War I in order to get a further grip on Europe (particularly Germany), and spread Communism.  And how the Treaty of Versailles made Germany lose parts of its country, and pay an insane amount of financial reparations for the war.  During post WWI, Germany was in dire straight, where everyone was in poverty and suffered, and how their society became corrupted with, well, similar stuff that many say is corrupting the U.S. today.  Either way you look at it, the Germans were suffering.

Episode 3: Hitler’s rise to power, how he eventually managed to overthrow the current rulers of Germany, kick out the elitist Jews that were running the financial system (basically the equivalent of the U.S. Federal Reserve), and establish a Nationalist-Socialist form of government with its own independent financial system that brought Germany out of poverty and reparation payments.  And transformed Germany into an economic powerhouse.  Even those who believe Hitler was an evil son of a bitch have to admit that this achievement was nothing short of incredible, transforming the nation from one hopelessly in debt to being the most efficient and powerful economy in the world next to the United States in less than a decade.  And then the episode goes on about how it was the best of times, that it was the ideal place to live in, blah blah blah.

Episode 4-5: Well, the Jews weren’t going to stand for this.  They did allegedly want world control after all.  So they can’t have a strong independent nation that doesn’t base their currency on elitist Jew controlled world banks now could they?  So they use their communist influence (as they had communist infiltrators within just about every country, including the U.S.; something Andrew McCarthy tried to fight post-WWII) to get other countries to go to war with Germany.  Starting with Poland, then France and the U.K., and eventually Russia (though Hitler managed to get Stalinist Russia to maintain a peace pact between them for a while before Russia eventually decided to turn on Germany).  And it portrays Stalin, Franklin D. Roosevelt, Dwight D. Eisenhower, and Winston Churchill as major assholes who were influenced by elitist Jews.  As for the Jews in Germany, Hitler did propose a “Final Solution,” but it wasn’t to exterminate the Jews.  Rather, it was to relocate them to Madagascar.  That plan fell through for various reasons.  The documentary also points out how other nations (ie Axis powers) were so inspired by Germany’s sense of nationalism that they were willing to fight for Germany’s cause against the Allies.  What is especially interesting is that there were Jews in Hitler’s army, fighting for his cause, intentionally.  One of the reasons why the documentary points out that it is important to distinguish the elitist Jews from the regular Jews (who may or may not have supported the elitist cause, or even be Communist).

Episode 6: Part of the insurance for winning the war was to eventually get the U.S. involved.  While Roosevelt did want to go along with that plan, America wasn’t exactly pro-war at the time, despite some communist propaganda and front groups (elements of this are backed by a novel I read a portion of titled Blacklisted By History: The Untold Story of Senator Joe McCarthy and His Fight Against America’s Enemies, by M. Stanton Evans).  But then came Pearl Harbor, which was apparently arranged by elitist/communist Jews who had political connections to influence the leaders.  Once that attack took place, that caused American sentiment to turn from anti-war to pro-war.  So they went to war with Japan and Germany (and Italy).  This was the nail in the coffin for Germany, as they had no hope of winning after failing to take the capital of Russia during their initial attack and push (which happened as a result of Hitler learning that Russia was planning on breaking the pact and secretly attacking Germany).  And it was even worse off for Germany once they lost the Battle of the Bulge.  And the Allies firebombed the ever-loving hell out Germany, indiscriminately hitting both the military and civilian population.

Episode 7: Apparently, there was a more effective way to enter Germany and get to the capital city of Berlin besides what the Allies actually did with D-Day.  But they intentionally took the long and hard way through.  Why?  So that Russia could have more time to push westward and be the first to take Germany’s capital.  Why let the Russians get there first?  So they could massacre the population.  The Russians were more brutal than the Germans, and I think even mainstream sources would be willing to admit this.  It was arranged that Russia would rape and pillage and kill their way towards Germany’s capital, where they would continue to do the same.  This frustrated certain military commanders, such as Patton who wondered why they weren’t driving into Germany more efficiently, and why they were receiving orders to halt on occasion.

And then came the post-war.  Even the mainstream narrative can’t disagree with this aspect.  Post-war, the allies treated the Germans in such an inhumane and deplorable manner it baffles the mind.  While it is alleged the Germans killed six million Jews during the Holocaust (something the next episode would address), the Allies caused the death of roughly 9 million Germans during a 6 year period after the war (outnumbering the number of Germans killed during the war).  Via slave labor camps (ie gulags, death camps, some of which were Eisenhower camps) among other reasons.  It was at this point that I thought this was pure incomprehensible insanity; that made me feel ashamed.  And these motherfuckers had the balls to use the piles of German bodies from these camps as historical photos claiming them to be a part of the Jewish victims of the Nazi Holocaust.

In order to help rebuild Germany, there was a forced deportation of Germans from the U.S. (among other countries) to Germany that totaled between 11-12 million.  To help rebuild.

Episode 8: And this was the episode that dealt with the Holocaust itself.  It’s one of those episodes you need to see for yourself to get a real grasp of it.  But in general, it basically states that the Holocaust was a lie.  That the “6 million” number was invented long before WWII, that this sacred number can be found in the Jewish book The Talmud itself.  And it was used as propaganda to claim that the Germans were killing that many Jews in Germany even before the Allies could enter that country to confirm this.  As for the “concentration camps,” if you could call them that, there were no gas chambers.  There were shower rooms, and mini-gas chambers used to disinfect clothing, as there tended to be a buildup of lice and diseases if there wasn’t some form of disinfectant (they often sprayed insect-killer on the jews in the camps).  The prisoners were not treated all that harshly.  And the reason many of them were put in these camps in the first place because 98% of them were communists or communist sympathizers (because the elitist Jews were all about control through Communism).  Any serious investigation of these camps proves that there weren’t any gas chambers or mass graves or anything like that.  However, there were plenty of deaths near the end of the war.  Because the Allied bombing runs eventually hit German supply routes, leaving the camps unable to gain supplies, causing many of the prisoners to starve to death, and for the German troops charged with running the camps to abandon them.  There’s more to it than that, but there’s no real way to explain it all in an adequate fashion without reading a book dedicated to it (virtually all of which have been banned from Amazon and any major retailers), or watching some documentary telling it from this perspective (like this one).

Episode 9-10: Basically epilogue episodes that go on for too long, discussing the present day situation and what the elitist Jews that run the major banks, the United Nations, the European Union, and Israel.  How they want globalism, 3rd wave feminism, inclusion, diversity, mass-migration, destruction of culture, etc.  Everywhere except in Israel (or China for that matter, so far).  Their plans for expanding the size of Israel westward towards Egypt.  And the slow awakening of nationalism in various parts of the world as a backlash against these globalist policies.


So, yeah.  This documentary has some heavy stuff.  Stuff that is usually dismissed as “revisionist history,” racist nonsense, pro-fascist.  Dismissed without even giving it a thought.  In Europe, it’s illegal to even question the legitimacy of the Holocaust, which makes me even more suspicious of it and more willing to believe the stuff in this documentary.  And the way it’s presented, it’s very very convincing.


… there are some problems here with it.  You have to take into account that every documentary tends to have some element of bias.  And the bias of this documentary tends to overlook that Germany was nationalist to a fault at some points.  For example, the White Rose movement.  How the people (primarily German school students) in that anti-war movement were prosecuted and killed in Germany for spreading anti-war propaganda.  And I doubt that’s the only instance of a German atrocity committed (though I’m willing to listen to those who wish to debunk that, or other alleged atrocities, like how this documentary debunked the Diary of Anne Frank, and the Holocaust).  I’m always suspicious of anything that tries to portray some individual, or some party, some nation, etc., under an angelic light.  And that’s what I was getting with episode 3 primarily.  It was so in love with Hitler and what he did with Germany I’m pretty sure the guy who made the documentary wanted to suck Hitler’s cock.  There’s no such thing as a perfect nation.

That being said, I don’t find it far-fetched that Hitler and the Nazis were villianized beyond how they were in reality.  Especially considering where much of the information we gained regarding the Holocaust came from.  Especially considering that, if this New World Order run by elitist communist Jews is to be believed, the Jews own or control roughly 98% of all television networks, major movie studios, major news networks, and major newspapers.  Especially considering how questioning some aspects of this established history is a crime in Europe.  Especially considering how Europe has now passed laws that are going to make a stranglehold on the Internet, censoring sites for “hate speech” among other things (the definition of which is whatever the elites feel like making it).  I mean, just the number of anti-Nazi films that come out on a yearly basis seems to indicate they really want to keep anti-nazi sentiment fresh in everyone’s minds very very badly; even going so far as to promote the idea that “it’s ok to punch a nazi.”  All so that no one will take inspiration for how successful Germany became on an economic and cultural level because of their national-socialist policies (even the word “Nazi” was a slang term created to insult that party).

D1xjqHpWwAAC6yd.jpg large

If even half of the stuff this documentary teaches is true, and it certainly seems like most of it is, then it is a must watch just for the sake of hearing the other side of the story.  To gain another perspective.  To grasp the bigger picture of history.  Or at the very least be familiar with the arguments “revisionists” have.  This is not only a recommended watch, it’s a necessary one.


Though that being said, there are portions of episodes 1, 3, and 9 that you’ll probably find yourself skipping through (there’s a portion of each of those episodes where the information gets monotonous).

“You watch those nature documentaries on the cable?  You see the one about lions? Look at this lion. He’s the king of the jungle, huge mane out to here. He’s laying down under a tree, in the middle of Africa. He’s so big, he’s so hot. He doesn’t want to move.

“Now the little lion cubs, they start messing with him. Biting his tail, biting his ears. He doesn’t do anything. The lioness, she starts messing with him. Coming over, making trouble. Still: nothing. Now the other animals, they notice this. And they start to move in. The jackals; hyenas.

“They’re barking at him, laughing at him. They nip his toes, and eat the food that’s in his domain. They do this, and they get closer and closer, and bolder and bolder. ‘Til one day, that lion gets up and tears the shit out of everybody. Runs like the wind, eats everything in his path. ‘Cause every once in a while, the lion has to show the jackals who he is.”

Edit (11-10-2019): Sought out others to challenge the statements made in this documentary.  You can view the results of that here:

13 thoughts on “Europa: The Last Battle (2017) review

  1. The writer is so cool and indifferent. I wish I was half as jaded. It’s like, been there done that, whatever…so funny.


  2. Good review, but did you HAVE to use profanity?? How can you blurt out that language like it’s nothing? Do you realize there are ladies here? And how can you expect anybody to want to share this or read it with language like that? I would not want to share this with my nice lady friends. And what gets me is that I have ranted against profanity for 20 years online, typing my fingers to the bone! Haven’t you read a thing I have written??


  3. Propaganda = LIES masqueraded as truth; whilst TRUTH distorted as lies.

    “Europa The Last Battle” is a eye-opener documentary for anyone who is interested in TRUTH, let alone seek it, because truth will withstand the test of time!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. This ANTI-documentary only tries to link all major historical crimes to Jewish genetics!

    For example, Marx, Engels, Lenin, Trotsky, and Stalin might have some alleged Jewish heritage. This illogical narration attempts to conclude that all communism-related crimes must therefore have been a Jewish thing! Never mind that all those afore-mentioned people were openly atheist, right?

    They found that barely 3 out of 16 American Fed chairs have Jewish heritage. Their conclusion? Once again, the entire Federal Monetary Policies must be a Jewish thing today! They encourage you to hate all Jews today!

    J. P. Morgan was definitely not Jewish, but Episcopal. Yet the narrator absurdly accuses J. P. Morgan of conducting an extremely expensive mass assassination to tank the Titanic liner in 1912 just to get rid of three opponents: Guggenheim, Astor, and Straus (the latter was even Jewish, by the way!) Still, a Jewish thing according to this random narrator! And never mind the main political opponents for J. P. Morgan outlived him: Roosvelt, Wilson, and especially Bryan! And yes, Wilson eventually approved the Federal Reserve Act, but only after many debates, amendments, and severe criticism that never really stopped, and continue to this day!

    The narrator then tries to depict all Jews as evil for historically asserting religious superiority, but conveniently forgets that every single mainstream religion does the same: all different believers are classified as “sinners” to be punished by god. Nothing special here. The root issue is with ALL fundamentalists (JEWS OR NOT) who are unable to live in peace with others. Jewish or non-Jewish is irrelevant here! It can’t justify the violent extermination of an entire culture!

    This racist narrator claims that Germany & Austria in WWI were such “honourable” & “peaceful” countries when they were the ones who declared war to Serbia! They made a series of impossible demands over the Serbian government who showed willingness to prosecute the Archiduke Franz Ferdinand’s assassins, but couldn’t possibly accept the total subjugation that was demanded! Austria proceeded then to invade Serbia, with full German support.

    It straight out ignores testimonies, official documents, footage, photographs of historical events but I’m somehow supposed to trust this anonymous narrator who is trying to rewrite history by simply saying: “trust me, bro”?!?

    The most offensive factor is that it misappropriates the testimonies of Stalin’s victims, who DON’T MENTION ONCE ANYTHING REMOTELY RELATED TO JEWS, to support his own twisted antisemitic prejudice!

    It goes as far as worshipping Adolf Hitler as some sort of saviour for founding the National Socialist Program 1920 with these main objectives: Germany’s right to violent territorial expansionism, anti-marxism, anti-semitism, and anti-democracy. NO, JEWS DID NOT CAUSE WWII just because they boycotted German trades and blockaded them. That’s not a justification to genocide an entire ethnicity and invade all surrounding neighbours! Especially considering that JEWS WERE ALREADY BEING SEGREGATED AND PERSECUTED IN THE 1920s, along with other ethnic minorities and homosexuals! All in the name of “RACIAL PURITY”!!!

    It doesn’t get any more dangerous and hateful than that!

    Just because you may find some ancient Jewish heritage in one’s DNA it doesn’t mean that they deserve to be robbed and exterminated so that your “race” can have an easier life! That’s full blown insane cruelty!

    The events narrated by this random guy in ‘Europa: The Last Battle’ are demonstrably false, baseless, and encourage a concerning amount of hate toward all non-white ethnic minorities!

    Ultimately, unbelievable to see this in the XXI Century!


    • It’s been a while since I’ve seen this thing, and I can’t verify everything you’ve stated criticizing it (though I have no doubt there’s merit to the criticism). But let’s be fair here, the documentary also points out in its latter episodes that it doesn’t wish ill-will upon Jews (at least those who aren’t radical zionsts), and it even makes pointers to Jews against zionism (if I remember correctly). Aside from that, I do agree, the documentary has been shown to be flawed and misinformation on some of the topics it covers. But on the other hand, it does raise questions and brings up topics that deserve to be covered. The main problem is that I don’t really know of anything else like this documentary that exists that covers these topics in a manner I consider high quality (it would probably be difficult to find anyway).

      Plus the events aren’t baseless. I do know of one example that showcases how flawed the documentary is, yet at the same time also shows that these topics are worth covering. He points out how this section of Auschwitz was reconstructed after the war (to be as it was prior to the structure being demolished), how there was a section where a crematorium was located (where bodies were burned), and some distance away were the chimneys where the smoke was supposed to come out. And documentary states that this is another drop in the bucket for evidence against the holocaust because no pipes or structure can be seen connecting the crematorium to the chimneys. Problem with the Europa documentary here is that its criticism is flawed, because the pipes leading to the chimneys are located underground. However, this does bring up another issue. The amount of power required to push the smoke/fumes from the crematory through to the chimneys is significant, and would require a consistent and reliable power source if it was to be used as often as supporters of Holocaust history claim it was. But it wouldn’t be possible because the power supply to Auschwitz wasn’t that reliable, because power was often cut off and/or supplied in low amounts due to, well, the war, the quality of the power lines supplying power, among other factors.

      There’s more to the events the documentary covered than that, but there’s too many of them, and too many unknown variables and questionable sources (from both sides of the spectrum) for any single documentary to cover in good depth (it’s difficult enough for any one book to cover about just one concentration camp, never mind the whole of Germany and the territories it took that also had their own concentration camps, or of places where alleged atrocities and controversial event that occurred outside of camps).

      That aside, I do have a response for the “Germany’s right to violent territorial expansionism” statement. That is highly debatable. There is a book I can recommend that talks about Germany’s expansionism during the 1930s, and sheds an entirely new light and perspective that is backed by reputable sources that have been largely ignored or suppressed primarily because “winners write history.”

      Hitler’s Revolution, by Richard Tedor.

      Chapter 3: European Diplomacy highlights the topic of this expansionism, showcasing that it’s not, at the very least, as violent as it has been made out to be. From Austria to Czechoslovakia (while covering other countries involved).

      But to be fair, the book doesn’t mention the Hossbach Conference (aka Hossbach Memorandum) of November 5, 1937, which basically states that Hitler wanted to take Austria and Czech (or at least a portion of the latter) in order for Germany to be self-sustaining in terms of farmland per average German family. Because, by 1945, that was projected to be when Germany would start to suffer economically (and run out of food) if they couldn’t be self-sustaining by then. In that conference, Hitler basically stated this needs to be accomplished by then, which would have Germany set for the next 20-30 years, after which point it would be up to the next generation of German ruler(s) to figure out a way to deal with similar problems as they arise. There’s a lot of grey area to all this though, given Germany’s loss of territory after WWI, Germans in those countries wanting to rejoin German territory, England and France’s role in all of it (including ensuring that Germany wouldn’t be a superpower to rival them ever since WWI, and earlier), among other things.

      The other thing with that book is that the topic of Jews isn’t mentioned once. Take that for what you will.


  5. I have some issues with this article. Firstly, the Jewish Bolsheviks myth is utter nonsense, using a few high-ranking Jewish members to claim the movement was Jewish, as a way to demonize both Bolsheviks and Jews. It originates as far back as 1917, at a time when anti-semitism was rampant throughout Europe.
    Secondly, the picture labelled “The nazis were trying to take over the world” is highly misleading, as it does not include the total territory occupied by the nazis at their height, and it implies they were not trying to expand further. I agree that it’s highly hypocritical for the other imperialist powers to criticise the nazis for this, as they were doing the same or worse to foreign colonies (Belgium was especially bad even by colonial standards) and Hitler’s greatest crime (in their eyes) was doing it to other Europeans rather than foreigners. However, it’s undeniable fact that the nazis were trying to expand as far east as the Ural Mountains and had plans to enslave and exterminate the slavs inhabiting it.
    Thirdly, the picture labelled “When CNN uses the same girl in 3 different refugee crisis” is a blatant lie. Those pictures are from the same day, the girl was passed between several volunteers. CNN has never used those picture in a context other than the Syrian war. I despise CNN, so it annoys me that people spread lies forcing me to defend them.

    I was going to check more claims but when the first 3 are this easy to debunk, I’d rather spend my time doing anything else. You really ought to be more critical of random jpegs on the internet.


    • Actually, it’s not that easy. I’m doing a bit more research regarding that “the Jewish Bolsheviks myth,” which is something I’ve gone back and forth on since this review. I’ve heard it argued that the reason for this misconception of Jewish power among the Bolsheviks had to do with this British reporter named Robert Wilton who went to Russia during the time of the Boslhevik Revolution to report on it, likely got his information from unreliable antisemitic sources (such as The Black Hundreds) who told him about the revolution being led by jews and naming those in power. Which would explain why he didn’t get various names right, which led to books being published by some Catholics repeating this misinformation (such as not even listing Stalin as one of the leaders). So there’s that, but there’s also the issue of reporting done by people like Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn (via his book 200 Years Together, which is banned); and Kevin MacDonald (Culture of Critique, with mentions in the Preface to the First Paperback Edition, which can be found in the 1st Books edition from the year 2020). There’s a lot of misinformation to go with the information.

      Also, demonizing Jews as far back as 1917? Come now, they’ve been demonized considerably further back than that. Give the rest of the world some credit here. The better question would be why they were being demonized as far back as then (and further), let alone after.

      Anyway, as for the Nazis taking over the world and the territory they occupy, you’re being rather disingenuous since your argument fails to take into account not just their population (let alone how many are willing to be soldiers to undertake such a feat, compared to what the Soviets had, let alone the U.S.), but also their economic status. Plus if you read Mein Kampf (preferably a reliable translation of it, such as the one done by Thomas Dalton) and Hitler’s Revolution (by Richard Tedor), let alone the often misquoted and/or cherrypicked speech by Hitler declaring justification for invading Poland (the context of that speech matters greatly), you’ll find that Hitler didn’t want world domination so much as an independent Germany that was capable of being a superpower (which Germany was on its way to being prior to WWI) with enough good land and resources to support each of its citizens. Because he wanted his citizens to have their own homes, and their own land, primarily to be farmers capable of sustaining themselves, and thus able to contribute towards the nation more independently, and willingly. Something that would’ve been achieved once Hitler got the portion of the land he wanted from Poland (which would’ve reunited the portion of Germany cut off due to the Treaty of Versailles), thus restoring at least a portion of the resources they once had prior to the end of WWI. As for the slav enslavement thing, I don’t know about that and am going to assume that’s speculation on your part.

      Regarding that CNN bit, well you got me on that one. No one’s perfect. I’ll see about substituting that image with something else at some point.

      That all said, as I stated in an earlier comment, this isn’t exactly a review with claims made by myself that are open to being debunked. This ended up being just a glorified recap of what was in the documentary, and how I felt about it (at the time). Rather ironic then that 2 out of 3 of your points had nothing to do with the documentary itself, but just blathered about some jpegs that were thrown into it more as an afterthought than anything else (granted, I was a bit careless with at least one of them). And your other point doesn’t have any meat (or teeth) to it; it’s just an opinion.

      If you really want to have a go at my claims, I made a link near the top of the page that goes to one of my posts showcasing a back-and-forth debate with a few individuals on these topics. I’m not quite the same person as I was back then, and I’d like to think I’m a little more knowledgeable, wise, and well-tempered. So if you are really open to a debate on this, feel free to do so. Just be warned that comments with urls could be automatically relegated to the spam folder (that’s out of my control), so you may have to make a separate comment telling me about it so I can dig it out of the spam folder to get it posted. I also will only allow comments if they’re sincere, have at least one valid point, and aren’t just pure insults with nothing else to them. Lastly, better to do this sooner than later, as time is running out for posts like these to even exist on the Internet. A lot of anti-semitism laws have been getting passed globally by the powers that be.


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