Loose Change: Final Cut review

Rated: 1/5


So, 16th anniversary of 9/11. Last year, I thought I had it all covered, with my reviews of United 93, World Trade Center, The Path to 9/11, and even Path to Paradise. There were a few others that I’ve seen that I won’t review (because they’re not worth seeing, much less reviewing), and there’s that fucking Charlie Sheen one done a few days ago that I refuse to watch. But him (Charlie) being a 9/11 truther and all that, the memories of the past. It got on my tits. I feel the urge to review something that doesn’t beat around the bush. Time to attack the 9/11 truthers directly. That’s right, I’m going down into the depths of troll/conspiracy hell, and taking on Loose Change.

Now in the past I watched the earlier 2nd edition of the film, and bought into it. I was more gullible back then. Plus they have some decent arguments and raise some intriguing questions. Nowadays, I’m less gullible and more pissed towards those who deceive gullible people, or people who themselves are fucking idiots who can also influence gullible people. I used to be a 9/11 truther, but that was years ago.

There are at least 4 versions of Loose Change, but I’m going to go with this one. In the end, they pretty much cover the same subject matter. Let’s get this shit over with.

Introduction (Part 2)

“The 9/11 truth movement includes academics, engineers, physicists, firefighters, intelligence officials, and some of the very people whose lives have been shattered since 9/11.”

Yeah, and a good portion of other academics, engineers, physicists, firefighters, intelligence officials, and citizens who have had their lives shattered say that the 9/11 truth movement can blow it out their ass.

Executive Producer: Alex Jones. As in of the Alex Jones channel? I knew there was a reason I was skeptical of his youtube channel.

Act 1: Chapter 1: Hijackers

In all honesty, some may seriously be more willing to believe this than the official story.

Alright, to this documentary’s credit, they do bring up a good point about Osama bin Laden, about how he praised, but didn’t take credit for the attacks on the twin towers and the pentagon. They also mention how this video that came up that supposedly has bin Laden in it taking credit for the attacks was likely faked, which is probably true from what I’ve gathered. That being said, he is responsible for the funding Al-Qaeda, the terrorist organization from which the 19 hijackers are a part of. The real mastermind behind 9/11 is Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, who definitely has ties with bin Laden. This information didn’t become known definitively until March 2007, the same year this edition of the documentary came out.

The documentary also brings up Mohammed Atta, one of the Flight 11 hijackers. The issue here is that two of his three bags didn’t make it on the flight (his carry-on did). Inside one of the bags is a will. The documentary raises the question as to why he would bring his will with him if he was going to go out in a blaze of supposed glory? The implication from the speculation is that this evidence was planted, for some reason. Well then, here’s some issues with that. Why was the will dated April 11, 1996? If it was planted and made up, why would they choose that date as opposed to anytime in 2001? More importantly, why aren’t the “witnesses” listed on the will not among the 18 other hijackers, much less the ones that were on his flight? And here’s my speculation, considering that he wasn’t going to have a body left to identify, why would he give a shit about where/how he was buried, as gave instructions for in the will? Perhaps he didn’t really give a shit about the will anymore, that he just wanted to take it to “paradise” along with the other belongings that were in the luggage. But that luggage didn’t make it on the plane, so afterlife Atta can suck it! In any case, it’s pure speculation with shaky ground at best to rely on the idea that the evidence was planted as opposed to it just being there the way the official story goes, which has much more firm ground to stand on.
Other sources of note: http://www.wnd.com/2002/09/15172/

And then there’s the whole passport thing, which was recovered at ground zero.

“How does a passport fly out of a man’s pocket through a 400 mile per hour airplane crash, survive 9000 gallons of jet fuel, and land intact on a sidewalk 1000 feet below?”

Oh I don’t know, how did all those other fucking papers and business cards and wallets fly out of the towers upon impact rather than getting burned to smithereens for the same fucking reason? And how do you know it was in his pocket as opposed to his carry-on? I think the better question is what are the odds of carry-on baggages survive such a crash? Probably about the same odds as the effects of the passengers from flight 93. But even better, assuming that was fucking planted too, then why even bother when there’s records of everyone at the airport? Why even bother when everyone’s names are logged into the system for which passengers made it, which didn’t, etc.? I’ve just gotta picture this conversation:

“Our conspiracy plan is solid. Their names are logged in, so everyone is going to know they’re on the plane.”
“But sir, what if there’s some doubters? What if they think the airport is in on the whole thing?”
“Good point. Let’s grab a passport that we just so happen to have lying around that shows this cocksucker’s face and burn on it a little bit, get some dumb schmuck to carry it to ground zero, and just chuck it there. Someone will find it eventually.”
“But what if they don’t find it?”
“They’ll find it!”
“Ok sir!”

So then did they decide to plant the remains of the passengers and their belongings (some of which survived the crash) too? Oh, but it gets even better. The passport was recovered by a businessman before the tower collapsed.

“Sir, when should the schmuck drop the passport?”
“After we blow up the towers with thermite of course!”
“Well won’t it be almost impossible to find at that point?”
“You’re right, let’s get the schmuck to drop it while everyone is running back and forth to and from the building. Someone is bound to notice it then, and not notice Mr. Schmuck dropping it.”

But thankfully, the documentary does point out a very good point about how Mohammed Atta was wired $100,000 from General Mahmoud Ahmed, head of Pakistan ISI. Something omitted from the 9/11 Commission Report (that report tends to omit a lot of stuff that’s financial-related). Similar questions can be raised about Saudi Arabia, maybe not of the government as a whole, but certainly in regards to significant individuals who are Saudi.

Documentary then mentions the hijackers, where they lived for a while, and how they attended clubs with strippers, and got a hold of pornos, which for some reason leads to the assumption that they aren’t potential hijackers. I don’t know how it leads to that assumption. I guess that implies because they weren’t so strict with their religious teachings and ways of living (noooooooo, going against the Koran for the sake of a fanatic’s own personal jihadist agenda? you don’t say?) that they couldn’t be fanatical muslims who would kill a bunch of people for a religious cause, because horniness and religion don’t mix. On that note, breaking news, all that news of the past about preachers being pedophiles was all a conspiracy by atheists in an attempt to kill Catholicism.

But then it goes back on itself and says, “Oh wait a minute, this guy Anthony Shaffer states that he and his intelligence unit learned of four of the hijackers (one of which is Atta), and his meeting requests to tell the higher ups about it were denied, and his story wasn’t mentioned in the 9/11 Commission Report.” Well which is it Loose Change!? Is it pinning the blame on guys who had nothing to do with it, or incompetence on part of the FBI/CIA? You can’t have it both ways!

But in any case, this documentary finally gets onto something solid when it discusses how the data mining efforts of project “Able Danger” were ignored by the 9/11 Commission Report. Wall Street Journal even does a report on it. Some of the evidence of this effort was destroyed in an effort to say that they never got this information. Christ, they could probably make a book on just this section. For more on this: Chapter from the book Triple Cross by Peter Lance:

“Can we be certain that the hijackers were radical muslims on a suicide mission? Or is there a possibility that they were trained, funded, and protected in our own country?”

Why not both? Just because they were trained/funded/protected in our country doesn’t mean it was the government, the FBI, or the CIA that did it. Hence the Saudi individual(s), Osama bin Laden, and that one Pakistani asshole that you brought up only 10 fucking minutes ago!

Act 1: Chapter II: Wargames
Now here’s another pretty good segment. It mentions how ABC News covered a story on how the military wanted to conduct training exercises on how to respond to terrorists flying a plane into the Pentagon (5 months prior to 9/11) and the world trade centers (2 years before 9/11), tested as a wargame. Senior Pentagon officials rejected the wargame idea, saying it was too unrealistic. One of these wargame concept proposals is known as AMALGAM VIRGO. 4 wargames were going on on 9/11. This segment is also quite intriguing.

But when the documentary concludes that this is too much of a coincidence to ignore, in that some 2-4 jet fighters are flown away from the states the whole 9/11 incidents took place in, indicating that some high up government officials wanted them out of the area so that the hijackings and crashes could happen as they did, that’s when I become skeptical again. How often are wargames conducted? How often do they involve fighter jets? How often do they fly to different states? If the documentary cited that wargames were conducted more often around that time period (or better yet, on that day) than on previous times in history, and cited sources to back up that statement, then I’d say they might be on to something. Otherwise, one could assume that the wargames going on on 9/11 were just like any other time in the past, with some coincidences that can be ignored. That being said, it does raise suspicion seeing people being silenced for asking that question during a 9/11 Commission hearing.

Act II: Chapter 1: Pentagon

FBI confiscated all video related to the aircraft impacting the Pentagon. Well, yeah, that’s protocol for any incident like this.

Mentions that the flights were at around 30% capacity, without mentioning that on average flights back then tended to be at around 71-75% capacity, give or take a percentage or two. I’m not sure what point he’s trying to make here, but it’s mentioned by various sources, including The Cell: Inside the 9/11 Plot and Why the FBI and CIA Failed to Stop It that the terrorists probably took their time determining which flights to hijack, which ones would be freshly fueled, which ones would have the least amount of passengers, and on which days planes would have the least amount of passengers at the airports they would go to (Tuesday ended up being the day that had the least number of passengers on average). What’s the implication here?

Mentions that at the time of the hijacking, there’s no sudden maneuvering by the plane to indicate a struggle for the controls. I wonder if he’s ever heard of autopilot?

And then the whole Pentagon thing. Unlike previous versions, the documentary implies the possibility for a missile to have hit it rather than a plane, as opposed to just outright saying it. I’m not sure which is worse. In any case, it’s mentioned that the plane circles the pentagon first before finally going in to hit it. First it says that such a maneuver requires expert piloting skills, which the terrorist didn’t have. Then it states there’s not much left to identify a plane, making it questionable if a plane hit. Then it mentions that the impact was at an armored section of the pentagon that was undergoing construction at the time, and if it hit anywhere else it would’ve done more damage, implying that it was intentional to hit there, to reduce casualties I guess. Though the documentary shoots itself in the foot again (what is that, 3 blasts to the foot now?) by implying that Dick Cheney was behind it because he didn’t order the Pentagon to be evacuated, which kind of defeats the purpose of setting up the idea that this was planned, don’t you think?

Anyway, I can’t say for certain why the plane circled. Perhaps the terrorist was calculating, or determined he wasn’t at the right speed/altitude/angle to go in for the hit, or was trying to determine the best spot to hit, or realized that is the right target to hit as opposed to something else like the White House (which could be why they didn’t evacuate the Pentagon in the first place because they thought the plane was heading for the White House)? There’s a number of explanations, all of which are just as plausible, likely more-so, than what this documentary implies.

As for not much debris left, have you seen how much was left from the two flights that hit the trade centers? Not much of an excuse when it’s been demonstrated that much of a plane can pretty much incinerate itself if it goes fast enough and hits a solid object hard enough. In any case, there are more photos than what the documentary lets on.

Terrorist didn’t have great piloting skills? The majority of piloting skills comes from landing and take-off, the rest isn’t that difficult for the most part. All he had to do was aim it right. Plus, he did bounce off the helipad before impacting the pentagon.

Not a big enough hole? That’s because the wings collapse, and it was mostly the front wheels of the plane that did most of the puncturing. Still think it’s a missile? Then what the hell happened to Flight 77? The passengers? The terrorists? The radar stations that were tracking the goddamn thing? It’s preposterous to think anything other than Flight 77 hit the pentagon. And for those who are interested, sources!:

Act II: Chapter 2: Twin Towers


So, the towers couldn’t have fallen from the impact of a plane or from the fires, or both. Evidence? Instances in the past when skyscrapers in the past (including one of the towers) were on fire on a few floors for hours, and didn’t fall. Well that’s because in those examples in the past they didn’t have a motherfucking 767 hit them! They didn’t have their protective shielding around the fucking steel beams shredded off by a fucking plane in those cases!

And then the documentary goes back in time to a quote:

“In 1966, Robertson designed the structural elements of the WTC towers to withstand the impact of the largest airliner then in service, the Boeing 707.”

Yeah, but that’s also leaving out an important part of the context. Aside from the fact that a 757 is a bit larger and a bit heavier and can hold more fuel than a 707 from the 70s, they leave out the fact that the building was designed to withstand impact from a plane that was coming in for a landing, at stall speed, as opposed to high speed (Source).

Oh, yeah, and the whole melting point of steel being at nearly 3000 degree fahrenheit while the fires could only burn up to 2000 degrees Fahrenheit tops (more or less), that’s true, but the steel doesn’t have to fucking melt in order for it to fucking bend to cause the fucking building to fucking fall, motherfucker!

You know what, rather than waste time typing a bunch of text on this, I’ll just refer you to this excellent educational youtube video series for all you dumb fucks out there who still buy into this conspiracy. It explains the collapse, and explains away the bullshit thermite theory (paint and inefficiency and why not the bottom floors):

“…controlled demolition. Where would people get an idea like that?”

From you asshole! From motherfuckers like you! From conspiratorial cocksuckers like you that make a demand for others to try and inject expert science to explain something that should be common fucking sense! Where’s some Japanese science lady who spent 2 years in the UK at who can call these people a bunch of twats?

You know what, I’m going off on another hypothetical conversation:

“Sir, we need to stage a terrorist attack so that we can get the people behind us to invade the middle east. What should we do?”
“Let’s get some middle eastern fucks who look like that arab in Aladdin to go onto some planes and ram them into the towers. People will be scared shitless after that.”
“But what if the towers don’t fall?”
“Sir, I think people would be more scared of terrorists if we made sure the towers fell so that we can be double sure they’ll be behind us for invading the middle east.”
“By Jove, you’re right! Let’s hire a team of professionals to get some explosives and plant them throughout the floors of both those towers.”
“Won’t they be spotted sir?”
“Fuck no! We’ll hire ninjas to do it. They did all sorts of shit in the 80s, and even more dumb shit in the 90s! Surely they can pull this off!”
“But sir, they will need hammers and tools to expose the pillars and supports to plant the devices on? Won’t that make some noise and bring attention to them?”
“Again, fuck no! We’ve got silent drills and noise cancelling hammers straight from the technologically advanced nation of Japan! They’ve got ninjas and silent hammers! They’ve got everything we’ll need for this!”
“But sir, the plane crash, won’t that disrupt the bombs somehow once it crashes? Especially when the fuel from the plane ignites and pours all over the building and pours down the elevator shafts? Also, are these bombs going to be on a timer or remote detonated? And how much time would it take to set this up? How many men will we need to pull this off?”
“Aren’t you forgetting which country those bombs and ninjas came from?”
“Oh, of course. Brilliant!”

Alright, what else does this cunthole of a documentary have? Christ, it’s got another fucking hour to go? The Able Danger bit is not enough to redeem this shit.

“Despite the air quality, the public was allowed back in.”

Christine Whitman of the EPA only recently decided that she and the EPA were probably wrong in letting people back into the city, saying it was safe. And the fucking White House of course doesn’t really seem to know any better or just doesn’t really give a shit about the people at ground zero. Fuckers. This was one of the better segments this documentary covers. Makes me even more pissed at the incompetence and arguably criminal negligence of both the government and EPA with how they handled post-9/11 (much less pre 9/11, and just the 9/11 event itself).

Act II: Chapter III: Shanksville

You know what, forget it. I covered this part in my United 93 review, I don’t feel like going over the conspiracy bullshit about this again.

“Did they find a plane in Shanksville?”

You going to explain how any alternative theory accounts for a missing plane and its passengers and how the various radar services and airports account for it? No? Didn’t fucking think so. Next.

“Cards and identification survived without a scratch.”

Bullshit it survived without a scratch! Bullshit it did! You can clearly see the fucking scratches in the fucking pictures you just fucking showed! Jesus Christ, what a fucking weak documentary this is. You even have a foot left to shoot off? No? Well, start blasting away at the next one then, that’s why God decided to give you 2 feet as opposed to 2 more brain cells.

Act II: Chapter IV: WTC 7
Ah fuck! That’s right. There’s still this thing. Well I’m sick of this documentary. I refer you to the youtube video mentioned above that discusses the twin towers. There’s another video in that series that discusses WTC 7 (plus some other websites if you feel like digging that shit up), video 4 I think. I’m done researching and attacking the claims/implications of this “film”. They’ve fucked up enough already to pretty much make the rest unreliable.

Limitations of the 9/11 Commission, blah blah blah, none of it leading to the right questions that should be asked. Michael Moore was closer to that than this documentary was, and that’s not saying much.

Fuck what he says, here’s what I say. The questions that should be asked is this: who’s accountable? Aside from the fact that the Pakistanis and Saudis also seem to have some responsibility (not necessarily the country as a whole, but certainly some key individuals), this should also extend to U.S. officials. Not necessarily because they planned for this to happen (I mean, it’s possible, but not in the way this documentary implies), but because they’re covering their asses for their negligence, incompetence, and ignorance. People in both the Clinton and Bush administration. Similar to the whole 2012 Benghazi incident. Anybody held accountable for that who got properly punished for it? No? Similar situation with 9/11 as far as I’m concerned, except that that event was much more devastating, and as such the repercussions should be bigger, and thus more of a reason to have officials try to cover their own asses. That’s my belief.

The only thing that I gained that was worthwhile from this documentary is their brief section on Able Danger, something that should get its own movie in of itself. As for the rest of it, it’s pure shit. Pass on it. For all you truthers who won’t pass on it, go ahead and light it up, inject it into your veins, and fuck off to your Neverland bubble.

2 thoughts on “Loose Change: Final Cut review

  1. […] The final straw that made me want to take a look outside of the box came when the whole Jane Fonda thing happened, where it showed how she was not only against the war, but seemed to hold a hatred for American troops yet had sympathy for the Viet Cong and North Vietnamese troops.  Yes, it did highlight her voiced opinions on the matter, and how some (if not all) veterans felt betrayed by her (and rightly so in my opinion).  She also called the POWs liars for claiming they were mistreated by their captors.  However, there was/is a rumor that she did more than that, that she shook the hands of some of the prisoners, and one of the prisoners handed her some small paper scraps with the POW’s social security numbers, indicating that they wanted her to take the papers back to their families in the U.S., to let them know they are alive.  But she ended up giving the papers to the prison guard instead, who then severely beat the POWs.  Now, from what I’ve researched, this rumor is false, but it was one of the things that made me want to take a closer look.  Sometimes, what a documentary shows is all there is, and the rest is baseless conspiracy theories.  Stuff I’ve been careful of ever since wising up about 9/11 truthers. […]


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