Holocaust Twitter Wars part 1: Anne Frankly Torture is Offensive

Thus began the twitter war I got myself into regarding the Holocaust.  I just can't help myself.  I just wasn't expecting this to be a long drawn out thing with two other primary users.  That of NathanAngelus (the horse's ass), and 12841chelmno.  And, finally, I got some serious competition for revisionist history.  In that I … Continue reading Holocaust Twitter Wars part 1: Anne Frankly Torture is Offensive

RE: Debunking Holocaust Denial (part 6)

In case you're wondering, part 5 is the Comments on Debunking Holocaust Denial post.  In fact, for convenience, I'll just link to them all right here so as you can get some background on the stuff being argued here: Part 1: https://theanomaloushost.org/2019/07/25/re-debunking-holocaust-denial-part-1/ Part 2: https://theanomaloushost.org/2019/07/26/re-debunking-holocaust-denial-part-2/ Part 3: https://theanomaloushost.org/2019/07/26/re-debunking-the-holocaust-denial-part-3/ Part 4: https://theanomaloushost.org/2019/07/28/re-debunking-holocaust-denial-part-4/ Part 5: https://theanomaloushost.org/2019/07/29/comments-on-the-holocaust-denial/ Bonus: … Continue reading RE: Debunking Holocaust Denial (part 6)