RE: Debunking Holocaust Denial (part 1)

Some people believe in conspiracy theories because it gives them a sense of comfort and security.  You see, they much prefer to live in a world where everything is orchestrated by shadowy figures than the chaotic world we live in, because then at least there’s some form of control.  Other people like the sense of power it gives them.  After all, they’re the ones that have this privileged knowledge, and this sense of power they might not be getting in their real life.  However there are certain conspiracy theories that come form a much darker place, where people bend reality to back up and justify their dislike and even hatred toward a certain group of people.  And there is no better example than those who distort or flat out deny the facts of the holocaust.

Myles Power

I could’ve named this, “RE: Debunking Holocaust Denial Documentary ‘Judea Declares War on Germany,'” but I thought that would be too long of a title.  You know, like the title “The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford,” (still haven’t seen that movie by the way).

Anyway, I’ve been casually keeping an eye out for something that would attack the position given by that film Europa: The Last Battle, and have finally stumbled onto one.  Made by that guy who did those debunking 9/11 truther’s series on youtube (which he has now condensed into one big video).  While this video doesn’t address Europa directly, it does address an aspect of it, attacking a documentary that was used as a source in the Europa documentary.  It attacks this little documentary made around 1997 (4 years after Schindler’s List was released) titled Judea Declares War on Germany.

Well, I’m interested in seeing if his criticism and “debunking the debunkers” points stand up to scrutiny.  So, I have downloaded his 2-part videos, and the JDWoG video, just to ensure I have copies just in case youtube decides to take them down just as they took down Spielberg’s Hoax: The Last Days of the Big Lie (that’s right, I’m coming for Spielberg and Schindler’s List after this one).  I’ll do so by going through his videos, and addressing each point as they come up.


Point #1: Denying the Holocaust is Done for the Purpose of Justifying Hatred Towards A (Jewish) Group of People

This is an assumption, the main assumption being that holocaust deniers are wrong and delusional and driven by hate.  Which might be true for those neo-nazi assholes who suffer from delusions that go beyond the holocaust.  But it’s a dangerous assumption to make if you’re trying to equate all holocaust deniers with those types of people.

Besides, accepting the validity of the Holocaust does something similar.  It justifies the hatred towards Germans, and adopts a guilt complex towards a good portion of the civilized world, in a manner suggesting, “You let this happen, you didn’t stop the Nazis sooner.”  Plus that bombardment of Holocaust victim support commercials (why the fuck would they still need money now this many years later!?  Did the fucking Nazi’s give them cancer and retardation and make them cripples too?  I’d rather give those funds to veterans of more recent wars!).  The holocaust has become a multi-million dollar industry, with many organizations profiting from it.  It would be nice to know whether they are profiting from a lie or truth.

So we’re left with a situation where either the Nazi-Germans were irredeemable assholes who deserved to be offed as they were in Inglorious Basterds (among other films) and deserved the treatment they got post-WWII, and to have those ancestors disrespected.  Or that the (elitist) Jews deserve the hate they get today for falsifying evidence to support the Holocaust to justify hatred towards Nazi-Germans.  Or perhaps somewhere in-between.  Helps to listen to both sides and consider the facts (or determine which are actual facts) to get a better idea.

Anyway, one of the reasons why holocaust deniers are around is because they believe criminalization of holocaust denial, and promotion of holocaust belief, is to subliminally attack Nazis to the point that no one will want to even attempt their method of government and economy ever again, a nationalist socialist nation, where they had their own independent form of banking and currency, and a belief in helping/supporting their fellow man/citizen/culture.  As opposed to being reliant on the alternatives, where banking is not run by the nation itself (among other factors).

Of course, these reasonings and assumptions don’t mean much without evidence to back them up.  So…


Point #2: The Timing of the International Jewish Boycott Against German Products, and Bloody Sunday

So it is stated that the 1933 headline, “Judea Declares War on Germany” came in response to the mistreatment of Jews in Germany.  According to the Europa documentary, the actual reason they did this was in response to Germany rising up, led by Hitler, to overthrow the Jewish rule, which was more or less set in place after WWI.  The (Communist) Jews controlled the German economy and the banks, and Germany was suffering under it.  Even official historical scholars will admit Germany wasn’t doing very well financially, under a crushing debt put upon them as a consequence of WWI. Just to give an example, Hitler had Louis De Rothschild (yes, THAT Rothschild, that banking family) arrested in Austria and held until a release was negotiated, where the Nazis were paid $21 million for his release, arguably the largest ransom payment in history; Rothschild would later immigrate to the United States.  This happened in 1938, a year before WWII officially began (via Germany usurping Poland).

Once Germany began to thrive under their new rule and policy and independence, the elitist Communist Jews became enraged that a country was managing to be successful outside of their financial control, so they called for the boycott, and eventually utilized their influence across nations (partly from communist infiltration, which is backed by the novel Blacklisted by History, written by M. Stanton Evans) to have an actual war against Germany, leading to WWII.

Anyway, the alleged hostilities the Jews claimed to be facing in Nazi Germany during this time.  This likely relates, at least in-part, to Hitler outlawing the debt-based system Germany was suffering under, punishing anyone attempting to re-implement it by death.  You know, so he could guarantee a complete replacement, and removing/eliminating the previous bankers in the process.  Other than that, Germany supposedly hadn’t enacted any anti-Jewish laws, just laws against the previous banking system, which may have ended up targeting the Jews because a good portion of the Jews were the bankers.

Myles Power states that the documentary gets the timing wrong on this, not by attacking any of the above points, but rather by going to the topic of Germany attacking Poland.  September 3-4, 1939 (over 6 years after the headline “Judea Declares War on Germany”); Bromberg, Poland (the city is actually spelled Bydgoszcz, but that’s just as fucking hard to read as it is to pronounce, so I’m going with Bromberg); Bloody Sunday, where ethnic Germans were killed by the Polish.  The number killed is disputed among historians, but the Germans would initially claim it was nearly 5,800 that were killed, and then later raise that number to 58,000 (and it is very tempting to point out the irony of this, when considering the holocaust numbers and how much Poland reduced the official death count at Auschwitz from 4 million to 1.5 million).

So the first thing Myles seems to dispute is that the documentary utilizes the 58k number because it was the Nazi propaganda number (there-bye implying the number should be much closer to 5.8k).  The second thing he disputes is the reason for Germany invading Poland.  He implies it was a power grab, as opposed to Germany either retaking land that they believe they unjustly lost due to the Treaty of Versailles made post-WWI, or in response to the massacre of German civilians done in the lands in Poland lost from Germany because of the aforementioned treaty.  The third thing brought up is that Germany signed a non-aggression pact with the Soviet Union (August 23, 1939) in the hopes this would prevent them from acting against Germany invading Poland.  Fourth, that Germany intended to invade Poland August 26th, but delayed after Britain signed a treaty with Poland, declaring they would provide military support should they be attacked.  Fifth, Germany staged false attacks against themselves in order to create propaganda supporting an invasion of Poland.  These false flag attacks would be known as Operation Himmler (aka Operation Canned Goods), named after Heinerich Himmler, the man responsible for coming up with these false flag attacks.

See Europa chapter An Unholy Alliance (44:40). (also worth seeing the chapter preceding it, The Polish Corridor)

As early as October 1930, Die Liga der Grossmacht (an influential Polish newspaper) expressed interest in preparing for a conflict with Germany, and a defeat of Germany.  This would not be the last Polish paper to stir up violence against Germany, let alone the German civilians living in Poland.

August 15, 1939, the Polish ambassador in Paris stated, “It will be the Polish army that will invade Germany on the first day of war.”

Hitler declared to the British ambassador in August 25, 1939, “Poland’s provocations have become intolerable.”  And in September 1939, Hitler declared that Poland committed at least 30 border violations in the month of August 1939.  During that time period, it is stated that the Polish were committing atrocities to those of German descent (it’s a bit complicated, but a lot of Germans wound up in Poland due to some treaties signed post-WWI that divided Germany up, and split off a section from it that became part of Poland (ex: the city of Danzig, cutting off East Prussia), more-or-less, which accounts for those who were initially German citizens pre-WWI to be caught in this awkward situation of being in a country that stated to be no longer their own, despite living off the same land as before).

Now to be fair, Europa seems to have a bit of an error here (an error Myles states that the JDWoG documentary also makes, except more obviously).  Europa seemed to imply that Hitler responded to the Bloody Sunday massacre by invading Poland on September 1, 1939.  And yet that was 2 days before Bloody Sunday happened.  So in actuality, Hitler had Germany invade Poland before Bloody Sunday occurred.  That being said, Bloody Sunday indicates the worst incident (that took place over the course of 2 days) of the massacre of Germans in Poland prior to the war.  Such crimes were committed on a smaller scale during August 1939.  The invasion occurred in response to those previous massacres, with the Bloody Sunday one seeming to take place practically as a response to Germany invading Poland, by seriously escalating the intensity of the massacres.  And the slaughter of German civilians would continue until about September 18, 1939, when Germany had retaken enough territory of what was lost via the Treaty of Versailles.

In any case, Europa seems to go with this 58k number as well, though now it’s not entirely clear if the 58k refers strictly to Bloody Sunday (of which at least 5.5k German civilians were slaughtered), or refers to the slaughter of German civilians throughout Poland before Germany managed to invade and push in far enough to stop the slaughter.  Either way, the Germans were a persecuted minority in Poland (persecuted due to Jewish control of the news, who published such propaganda promoting violence; sound familiar to stuff going on today?).  And there were 12,857 identified dead bodies (separate from the “unidentified” numbers) in Bromberg, something The Wehrmacht War Crimes Bureau (among some other historians, though not all) agree with.  Myles states that more recent historians put that number at much lower than what the Wehrmacht War Crimes Bureau indicate, but he doesn’t bother citing any of them.

There was also the whole “unholy alliance” theory, that Britain, France, Poland, and the Soviet Union (with them joining last) were planning to unite against Germany to wage a war on them from all fronts, and have the U.S. intervene if necessary (France would do something similar).  A book written in 1938 by Jewish author Emil Ludwig titled A New Holy Alliance would plot out this very strategy.  Hitler learned about this potential alliance, so he reached out to Stalin to sign a peace pact in order to avoid fighting on 2 fronts, though he wanted to avoid conflict altogether.  Plus, the Allies didn’t mention the Soviet Union invading Poland from the East and doing massacres far worse than anything the Germans were accused of doing to Poland during the war (not to mention this allowed for them to etch closer towards Germany without needing to declare war on them in the process).  Plus the Unholy Alliance would later stab Poland in the back after the war and basically hand it over to the Soviet Union on a silver platter post-WWII (and would retain a firm grip on them until the wall fell in 1989, ushering the end of not just the Cold War, but of the Soviet’s hold over Poland).

So, if those massacre numbers are at least in the ballpark (though, honestly, I think just knowing of a massacre of over 5k civilians would be enough to cause outrage and war mongering), and because the Polish newspapers encouraged violence against Germans (which were carried out), and because Britain and France encouraged Poland to hit at Germany to provoke them into a war, let alone Poland’s attacks at the German border that had been occurring since the end of WWI, that puts a different light under this Operation Himmler, this false flag operation.  It hardly even seemed necessary, especially since this operation was carried out August 31st, well after the attacks on German civilians within or near Poland had already started.

On the other hand, there were also reports from Poland that these attacks on German civilians were done in response to the German civilians attacking them.  Possibly to assist German special forces which initiated firefights against the Poles near the border.  There’s a lot of different stories flying around about the incidents here and there, it’s pretty much impossible to keep it all straight or to get a clear picture.  All the more reason to create false flags so that a clear picture can be made for the civilians in Germany to back an invasion of Poland (which was allegedly done to retake that territory lost via the Treaty of Versailles).

The possible reasons for having Operation Canned Goods go into effect become more numerous when taking all these factors into account, but one likely scenario is because Hitler wanted to stop the massacre of Germans within Poland before they got worse, even if he had to have Himmler do false-flags to do it (similar to cops planting evidence on criminals who were actually guilty, but had difficulty finding evidence that could be used in a court of law).  Or maybe Hitler was confident enough in Germany’s chances in a war against Poland, Britian, France, and potentially Russia (a reason I’m hesitant to believe in).  Or maybe it was for the reasons Myles Power implies.  Either way, Germany had reason alone just to respond to the killing of German civilians in or near Poland.

Heinrich Himmler

And of course Germany executed some Polish civilians in retaliation for the massacre.  It was stated mobs were the ones primarily responsible for these atrocities, and last I checked, mobs aren’t made up of soldiers.

Christ, I’ve typed up all this explaining the intricacies of the Jewish boycott and the Poland/Germany relation to the Bloody Sunday incident, and we haven’t even gotten to the fucking Holocaust yet.  In any case, this attempt by Myles to discredit the documentary before it even gets to the subject it wishes to document can be swatted aside.  Plus, this pompous schmuck decided to concentrate on Bloody Sunday, and not the other stuff brought up such as the Unholy Alliance, the “Final Solution” being the deporting of Jews from Germany to Madagascar, and Britain agreeing to give Palestine to the Jews after the war in exchange for the internationalist Jews getting the U.S. involved in the war.  But he doesn’t want to cover those inconvenient points now does he?  Or even the fact that Poland was the first fucking country in Europe to build the first 2 concentration camps, and imprison Germans in them after WWI (let alone Britain being the first country to build a concentration camp anywhere).  Plus the mention of Bloody Sunday wasn’t brought up until a little over 12 minutes had passed, and it’s not a topic that’s dwelled upon in the documentary.

Jesus Christ, I didn’t think I was going to have to make this into a multi-parter.  Will address the other points at a later time.

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