White Dog (1982) and Homicide (1991) dual review, and the issue of race

There will be spoilers for both films.

Rated: 3.5 / 5

I have to admit, the 80s to the early 90s continue to impress me. The most interesting of their films tend to have a lot of grey in their morals and themes, rather than making a pure black and white picture (assuming we’re avoiding those pure mindless ridiculous action flicks like Commando and such which are meant to be pure surface level entertainment). Which makes them more thought provoking. And thought-provoking films are sorely lacking nowadays, at least in my opinion. I could be wrong.

And if there’s anything to take away from this film Homicide, it’s that line of thought. “I could be wrong.” The essence of doubt is one of the most significant things an individual can possess. Because it (hopefully) serves to motivate individuals into verifying what they think they know, and look into opposing views.

To get personal on myself, I thought I knew the significant events of history from what I was taught in high school (college more or less just repeated that general sense), particularly when it came to the Jews, Hitler, WWII, the holocaust, establishment of Israel afterwards, my Christian teachings. How all (neo) nazis, KKKs, any such racist group should be reviled without any consideration of understanding. How the Allies and America should be praised because of their efforts to combat them and preserve the patriotic, Christian ideals, and support their support of Israel, and pity and praise the Jews who lived a life of victimhood. Then came the turning point around 2016-2017 when I wanted to look into the opposition views just for curiosity’s sake. And then how I began to doubt those things I’ve been taught all my life (to say nothing of my slow abandonment of Christianity in 2008, though that’s more for reasons of logic and a result of years of intense debate). Learning that, in general, nazis and various KKK organizations were not the pure embodiment of evil that I’ve been taught. Because I’ve been taught not to view them as human, but as caricatures of evil that must be eradicated at first sight. And the realization that Jews and Zionists, and their power, wealth, influence, and propaganda had a direct effect on the instigation of WWII, possibly WWI, and other conflicts; let alone business practices in America, the formation of the Federal Reserve, the 1965 immigration act, the funding of various civil rights movements, etc. Information from various groups began to have a Hitler-like effect on me, almost to the point where you could quote that infamous line from Mein Kampf, “Slowly, I began to hate them.” Only to realize I was being duped again. It was yet another attempt to dehumanize another group of people. The Jews. To paint the picture that all of them were corrupt to the core, and it was in their nature to blindly support the Zionist cause, screw everyone else out of wealth and power, and use that wealth and power to make Israel the most powerful country in the world, and to damn all the others along with the races that occupy them. That would be trading one form of group/race hatred for another.

Which brings me to the film White Dog. A film that was censored by the NAACP and Paramount because of the touchy subject of racism that it was tackling. Of course, there was that issue to consider in 1981 where two members of the KKK lynched a black man, Michael Donald, in Mobile, Alabama. A lynching that was done in retaliation for the mistrial of another black man, Joseph Anderson, who had killed a white police officer, Eugene Ballard, after committing a robbery. In other words, a blind racial retaliation against a guy who had nothing to do with that case other than just being another black man. The fallout from this lynching resulted in not only the arrest and conviction of the two KKK members responsible for the lynching, but of the bankruptcy, and the disbandment, of the KKK in Alabama. Since then, at least up until 2020, there have been no lynchings in America.

Problem is, that fallout didn’t really occur until after the 1982 movie White Dog was shelved. So until then, the NAACP and Paramount had to contend with the fact that there was a film in production that tackles racism, that was about a white dog trained to kill black people, and the attempts to retrain it so that it wouldn’t attack blacks on sight, being an allegory for racism, at a point in time when there was a sensationalized story whipping everyone into a frenzy about a group notorious for hating black people having killed a black person, in retaliation for a black person killing a white person. Rather than have the film released to promote the message of the struggles of overcoming racial hatred, they opted to shelve the film. And it remained shelved for a decade before it had any form of public release (a slow process).

So what is this film that was temporarily banned in the U.S. all about? The white dog was trained by a black-hating racist since it was young to attack and kill black people. How did he pull that off? By paying black people in need of cash to beat the dog when it was a pup, so that it would grow to hate them. Once the new owner figures out what the deal with the dog is, she takes it to a black man who attempts to retrain it, to cure it of what it was raised to be. Through much trial and effort he succeeds. Kind of. He does manage to train the dog not to attack him, but the dog ends up attacking another white guy, who bares a resemblance to his previous owner.

But why does it do this? Why attack someone of another race that it wasn’t raised to attack? After all, it’s not as if the black guy went about hiring white people to beat it up until it learned to view them as enemies. The film doesn’t explain, so it’s left up to the viewer to make up their own mind. Speaking allegorically, addressing what the film’s intention is, it’s not that the racist was cured of racism. Rather, the hatred/anger ended up being redirected. It’s one thing to teach an individual not to hate one race of people they’ve been raised to hate all their life. It’s another to teach them not to hate any race. I can speak from firsthand experience about the evolution of this thought process. One doesn’t simply go from hating nazis to hating no one. It is in our nature to blame some group for all the ills of society. If it’s not the Nazi’s who are pure evil, if they didn’t in fact commit genocide of 6 million Jews and plan on taking over the world, then it must be the Jews who are responsible for the millions of deaths during WWII (as the alleged instigators of it) and who really plan on taking over the world! If it’s not the Jews, then it must be black people, whose low IQ and welfare dependence and shitty parents and high crime rates and abhorrent nature make them a plague upon humanity! If it’s not blacks, then it must be whites, who have killed many through colonization and built structures and civilizations upon the bodies of those forced to die through their creation! If not whites, then it must be the Communists, as they have butchered tens of millions of people, by causing rulers of their own country to kill their own people! If it’s not Communists (or Communism), then it must be Capitalists (or capitalism), for wanting to bankrupt everyone but the top 1% so that everyone is forced to become dependent on them and their polluting products and services! If it’s not the capitalists, then it must be the hippies! Or the muslims! Or the Catholics! Or the Christians! Or the atheists!

For the record, Paul Winfield totally killed it in this movie. He made this movie good, and acts circles around all the other human actors.

The fact of the matter is that there is something to hate about everyone. The one thing that is so easy to forget, when dehumanizing one group, while making the other you associate with as saintly as possible, is that no matter what group you look at, each is made up of humans. And a human is imperfect. A human is just as capable of making mistakes, fucking up, wishing the destruction of many if not all, as he is of doing the right thing, learning from mistakes, and accomplishing the construction of something that benefits many if not all. A human is selfish, yet can act selfless. A human is racist because each human belongs to a certain race (maybe two, tops), yet is capable of loving all races (which is a struggle against aspects of their nature). A human holds some lives to be more valuable than others, yet can value the life of all. It’s a matter of overcoming one’s nature. But beware, because one can be trained to overcome it in all the wrong ways. There is no way I could hope to explain all the ways one should train themselves to be for the betterment of themselves and the human race because it is a constant struggle that will last until the day you die. All the answers to those questions can only be found in the afterlife. Learn what few answers you can, and take them with you there when the time comes.

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Rated: 3 / 5

To hammer the point in further, there’s this other film from 1991 titled Homicide. My initial interest in this film was that I heard it be called “Zionist propaganda.” Consider me intrigued. After all, what better way to point out that Jews run Hollywood and have a Zionist agenda utilized for subliminal messaging through films to brainwash everyone into supporting the Zionist cause and annihilate anyone who oppose it?

Well as it turns out, that’s not the message I got from this movie. But who knows, maybe there was some subtle hypnotic message it implanted into me that will make me go berserk when I see someone saying something anti-semitic which will make me want to kill everyone in sight? Well, let me put that to the test…

joke. Found on the interwebz. If ll IEW GETS HIGH IS IT BAH HIM BAKED?. everything is offensive to .

Well, my wrists aren’t bleeding, and family members are still alive in the house. Guess everything’s ok.

Anyway, the film is about this Jewish cop who ends up taking up this case of a Jewish woman killed at her store, and trying to find the perpetrator. From there, he gets mixed up in a conspiracy, and has his loyalties tested between his Jewish heritage and his instinctual desire to connect with those of his race, and his duty as a police officer and that of his other fellow officers. At first he thinks this is just another petty case that is just wasting his time, as he’d rather be working on the bigger case he was pulled away from. But then the surviving relatives claim they are being threatened, that some anonymous man was shooting at them from the roof of an adjacent building. Then he finds a cryptic letter. He becomes shamed at putting these Jewish people down when making racial stereotype jokes about them. He becomes shamed for not knowing the Hebrew language (let alone Yiddish). He sees notes here and there that seem threatening towards the Jewish community. He learns that the old Jewish lady who ran the store was a gun smuggler, and that others may be coming after the community because of her links to it. He learns that there is an organized Zionist Jewish community within the city.

And amidst his investigation, he becomes fascinated, attracted, and pulled by the Jewish culture. The people, their ways, their sense of community, their religion. It calls to him on a deep level. Partly by his Jewish blood, but also because of how he had been treated as an outcast for a portion of his life, from childhood to his career as a policeman (there are a couple moments where he is called a kike, with the intention of offending him, by another officer). Eventually, he begins to give the Jewish case priority over his previous (and still ongoing) case. Eventually he begins to act less like a cop.

The high point of his conversion occurs when the Zionist influence upon him becomes great enough to where he bombs this store with a (somewhat) hidden room full of swastikas and anti-semitic (including holocaust denial) propaganda. That was the point where he chose to cross over, to embrace his Jewish side, to become outraged at those he was taught had killed millions of those like him. To become more of a Jew and less of a cop.

It was at this point (though an earlier moment in the film convinced me I’d reach a point like this at some point, plenty of hints pointed in the direction that the film would reach this point, plenty of pointers indicating it) that I figured I had reached peak Zionist messaging. That this film was no different than The Jazz Singer (1927) where the message was no matter how talented you are at something, no matter what your skills, they must be utilized to serve the Jewish cause first and foremost. For it is a sin to turn your back upon your blood, regardless of what that would entail.

Boy was I in for a surprise for what came afterwards. I mean, there were hints that the Zionist organization had a devious side to them. Some of the uncertainties of the earlier investigation remained uncertain up to this point. And then came the kicker. The organization took photos of him bombing the store. Blackmail. They lured him into their organization to use him to retrieve evidence from the evidence locker of the police station, so that they wouldn’t have information about their underground activities, or their gun smuggling operations. They lured this cop in by playing to his nature, appealing to his Jewish roots, appealing to him being an outcast (in some respects). And just when he thinks he’s finally found the community he strives to be a part of his whole life, he finds out they did all this just to use him. All this talk of Zionism and loyalty to heritage, only to utilize that as a weapon to get what they want. No different than organizations claiming to stand for white nationalism, or black nationalism, or socialism, or communism, or some form of religion, only to utilize what they claim to stand for as a means of materialistic and/or monetary benefit. Caring nothing for the individuals they claim to stand for.

And the repercussions of his divided loyalty hit even harder when, due to his priority shift, it causes a police operation to go awry and result in the death of a partner he had forgotten had been his most loyal friend who always stood up for him and always had his back. It results in him becoming a poor policeman. And by the end, it results in him being alone, having no friends to surround himself with. Because he didn’t appreciate what he had.

He even realizes how duped he had been when seeing what the real deal was with this cryptic message from this paper that said GROFAZ on it. The Zionists (and this Jew at a Jewish library) stated this referred to Hitler. A Jewish word that was an acronym for “greatest strategist of all time”. Another hint that the anti-semite that ran that store he bombed was actually targeting the Jewish community? An indication he was on the roof and taking shots at the Jews? Nope. Turns out, there was a letter missing from that piece of paper. Which makes it spell GROFAZT, which turns out to be pigeon feed (hence all the pigeons kept on the rooftop). Thus he was duped by the organization into a conspiracy that over-villainized the neo-nazi in the shop. On top of that, it ended up being common street thug (a black kid) who shot the old Jewish lady in the shop, not some anti-semitic group.

It doesn’t matter what race you belong with, or what group you decide to pledge your loyalty towards. Never view them as saintly and holding all the answers. There are assholes with their own agendas everywhere, in every group, in every race. Which is why you should never forget the most important thing. Value what friends you do have, regardless of race or creed. They are more valuable than the false promises of some religion or organization, no matter how alluring. And also, be careful not to treat any perceived hate group as a caricature of evil. They are also composed of human beings, each with their own pros and cons, vices and virtues, hates and loves.

A film with this sort of message for Jewish people (they do seem to be the intended audience, though others can enjoy) kinda puts a dent into the idea of total Zionist control. If nothing else, it should remind everyone, regardless of how they feel about them, that Jews are human too. They are composed of assholes just as much as they are of decent people.

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