Films for the #BLM Looters and Rioters

You know, I try. I really try. I try to avoid hopping on the bandwagon of current events this heavily. I don’t like getting caught up in them. I may take a small jab at them here and there when I review some film or show or game or something (maybe even using the said film/show/game as a thinly veiled excuse to take potshots). But for the most part, I try not to get too involved. But when this starts getting close to home. When this starts damaging property in my town, in my fucking neighborhood, on my fucking property, that’s when I fucking snap.

Fuck #BLM, up their self-entitled nigger assholes. All these bitchers and moaners about the black man being put down by dah pole-ease. Because the authority figures have it in for them because one asshole cop decided to keep his knee on some guy’s neck until he allegedly died of a heart attack (typical cover story to protect the officer from facing repercussions that would result in jailtime; I’m not buying it; this prick didn’t follow procedure because of a personal grudge he and the asshole nigger [with a history of crime] had towards one another, and it resulted in him unintentionally killing the guy; intentional or not, he deserves jail time for that).

Guess that means, because they have it so fucking hard, we should ignore it when it’s done more frequently to white guys. Like that one white asshole cracker who stole a horse somewhere in southern California in 2015:

Any Rodney King-like riots over that? Nope.

What about when Daniel Shaver (did nothing wrong other than being drunk) got gunned down in Mesa, AZ in 2016?

Any national riots over that? Nope.

Any regard for the actual statistics showing how violence is caused upon whites more often than the other way around?

Not for this one either.

But they don’t really give a fuck do they? They want entitlement. They want reparations. They want to own that victimization card. They want to own that history of slavery. They want to own that history of being lynched, even though that particularly bit of history isn’t all that convenient for them.

And the government (and our alleged white patriotic all-American savior Donald Trump)? Couldn’t give two flying fucks since taking any significant action against the rioters would risk their chances in the upcoming election. Either that or it’s part of the Jewish NWO conspiracy against whites and nationalist non-communist countries. Who the fuck knows at this point? All I know is, this isn’t how a healthy nation should be functioning.

Especially when there’s evidence these riots are being funded and organized by people with the means to deliver weapons unto their hands which they can cause this destruction with.

Top all of that off with the relentless 24/7 biased media and Hollywood narrative that plays up black victimization and encourages violence upon whites and authority figures by the minority, and you’ve got a time bomb waiting to go off. To say nothing of the reliance on the welfare state that makes them lack any form of independence.

There’s no coming back from this, not without a tremendous violent backlash against the media and the minorities. So until that happens, I’d rather just list off the films that are worth watching just because it’s an anti-PC narrative. Where the protagonist takes it to those cocksucking minorities and media figures. Where the minority is either the main villain, or enough minorities run up the body count up until the big baddy reveal to where it’s satisfactory.

And no, I’m not going to include Zulu or Black Hawk Down. Those films are about military conflicts between two opposing nationalities. That’s completely different.

Honorable mentions

Out For Justice (1991). Just for the beginning of the film where Seagal kicks the shit out of a black pimp.

The Dogs of War (1980), some Christopher Walken flick about leading a coup in Africa. I just thought it was so-so, even if a cult classic.

Lakeview Terrace (2008); even though Samuel L. Jackson is playing a corrupt cop that the white protagonist has to overcome, it loses points for being inferior to the 1992 film Unlawful Entry, for having a black wife, and just being an overall mediocre movie.

Falling Down (1993), a white guy fed up with how everything is. Loses points for showing that he’s been on a continual downward spiral of being an abusive husband, and some other stupid bullshit (including throwing in a neo nazi) during the 2nd half.

The Serpent and the Rainbow (1988), Bill Pullman growing a pair and standing up to this voodoo black guy who has a powder that makes people seem dead; and supernatural powers thrown in for good measure.

Main Picks (in no particular order)

Marked For Death (1990)

Well, I guess compared to how Seagal evolved in 1991 to only beating up 1 black guy, I guess many would find that more tolerable to when he kicked the shit out of an army of voodoo niggers in this movie. Honestly though, “Voodoo Niggers”. Doesn’t that sound like that would be a name of some Hop-Hop or Rap group?

Death Wish 2 (1982) & 3 (1985)

Now I’m a bit hesitant to include these, mainly because the majority of thugs are white (typical). But when Charles Bronson kills Morpheus because Morpheus thought that a stereo would make him bulletproof, I gotta give this some kudos. As for the 3rd one, well, he does mow down an army of thugs. Plus Razorfist considers this film a training guide for today’s climate, so…

The Brave One (2007)

Worth it for the subway scene. Which is a callback to the first Death Wish film. By the way, why is it that doing a search engine search for “movies with black thugs” results in links to a bunch of porn sites?

The Birth of a Nation (1915)

I mean, come on, you knew this was going to be included just on principle. Even if 60% of this film is boring.

Tarzan and His Mate (1934)

Well, the African natives sure got the bad end of this deal. Though to be fair, it’s not as if the British didn’t get their share of casualties.

The Naked Prey (1965)

It’s Apocalypto, but in Africa, and with a white guy running from the African natives who are hunting him.

Bonfire of the Vanities (1990)

Hey, they can’t be all about just white killing blacks. Sometimes you just need a movie that showcases how the justice system is setup against whites. Very watered down compared to the book, but even as it is it’s still worthwhile.

Rocky I (1976), II (1979), III (1982)

Personally, I thought he was taking too many hits to win in the 2nd film. But considering today’s climate, I’ll take it.

Dark of the Sun (1968)

Ok, so I’m cheating again with the whole military film thing. But this film isn’t very well known, so I’m giving it a rules exception.

The Ghost and the Darkness (1996)

The white colonials had to save their asses from killer lions (not without dozens getting killed though). In reality too, except in reality it was just one white British guy who did it instead of two.

Escape From New York (1981)

At least it didn’t pull its punches like The Warriors (1979) did by showing black gangsters being, well, black gangsters. The lead bad guy, if you don’t count government spooks, ends up being a black thug.

Live and Let Die (1973)

Jesus Christ, I’m recommending a Roger Moore 007 film that isn’t The Spy Who Loved Me (the only good one he ever did). Desperate times… call for hilarious death scenes.

The Substitute (1996)

Tom Sizemore Berenger goes up against Ernie Hudson, and schools some asshole students along the way. Some accuse this of being a white savior flick in the same vane as The Principle (an inferior version of this movie), and Dangerous Minds. To which I say, “Hey, if To Sir, With Love can be a black savior movie, then we can have our damn white savior movies! #JesusWasWhite”

Training Day (2001)

Now, you see, it’s not such a bad thing having a black villain in a film. Many praised Denzel Washington for his turn playing one in this famous film. #BringBackBlackVillainsInWhiteProtagonistFilms.

Vigilante (1982)

It’s like Death Wish, but with a group of somewhat organized vigilantes, primarily led by a black guy. But Robert Forster eventually becomes reformed into a vigilante while in prison, and learns that vigilantism is a good thing when he goes after the people responsible for offing his family (they even shotgun blast his toddler son, so the film gets kudos for killing children), and the judge too. Plus it has a pretty good reality-check speech that’s relevant to today:

You wanna run? Go ahead. After you, then Burke, Ramon, and maybe me. But I’ll tell you this: sooner or later, we’re gonna run out of places to hide. What do we do then? Huh? Climb on some high mountain where it’s nice and safe like in the suburbs? Wrong! After those punks and scum finish turning this whole neighborhood into a cesspool, what makes you think they’re not gonna look up at that high mountain of ours and want that too? The word is out on the street, man. The bottom is about to fall out. They want us bad, but they’re coming after you first. These are our homes. We give ’em up… and we’ve got nothing! Fight for it, Eddie. Fight for it!

Street Kings (2008)

All right, that’s it, I’m done. My standards are falling too low when I’m recommending this stupid(ly entertaining) Keanu Reeves cop movie. All I know is that this seems to mark the last time there was a black villain in a film with a white protagonist. 2008, the sendoff year to the good times before it and 2012 really started to screw things up.

PS: May update this with other films if I discover any.

Edit (6-3-2020): Added Vigilante.

Edit (6-5-2020): Added Rocky I-III, and The Substitute.

Edit (12-12-2021): The Serpent and the Rainbow is given honorable mention.

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