Things that piss me off about the Movies and Shows ever since 2012 A.D.

I’m singling out the year 2012 for a few reasons.  While I do believe the issues that plague films and affect the whole medium negatively didn’t just spring up out of the blue in the year 2012, I do believe that’s when they started to become prevalent (and has been in overdrive ever since 2015).  If we’re to be honest, the seeds were sown ever since the origin of films, but that’s going beyond the scope of what I will cover here (though I do intend to tackle that scope once I’ve gotten a good enough grasp of it to continue my War On Film Culture series; the stuff I’ve been uncovering threw me for a loop and realized I had much more to learn than I expected before I could take one more step forward with that series).  I’d rather deal with the stuff that pisses me off rather than talk about the how/why it all came to be.

And make no mistake, this is by design, and intended to destroy the current state of culture and mold it into something far worse and unsustainable.  At least the 70s culture had the excuse of, “We’re sick of being restricted and clean and held back by religion and tradition.  We want freedom of expression!”  And in that time period, it wasn’t done entirely at the expense of those who still wanted their clean moral values (I mean, shit, most of the 70s films that were all about freedom of expression tended to end as depressing as possible, arguably leaving the subliminal message of there is such a thing as using too much freedom in an irresponsible way).  Today’s excuse is that some groups, groups most responsible for creating much of the good shit we’ve gotten over the past century, have had it too good, and must be made to suffer for it at their own expense for the sake of the other groups.  As opposed to, you know, just letting things continue to progress as they were during the 90s and (20)00s.  Because no longer does Hollywood and mainstream media want to reflect the state of society, they want to engineer one.





Thing #0: Films With a Wimp as the Protagonist

How to Train your Dragon with Hiccup, Ronald the Barbarian with Ronald, She’s Out of My League with Jay Baruchel’s character, etc.  There’s too many of these types of films that has a protagonist who is a wimp compared to everyone else on a physical level, who ends up in a better position than all the more traditional top guys who women traditionally drool all over.  The kind of guy who gets the girl in the end, gets rich, bests some top guy at something, etc.  And this doesn’t just apply to those physically weaker than the average, it also applies to guys who are different from everyone else on a personality level, or because they have some sort of belief, in a lower social/economic class, etc.  And I get what they go for, that everyone has the potential to be special and be far greater than the sum of his parts.  That’s fine and all, but what about the rest of the guys?  What about the guys who are more physically fit, more normal (or hell, even a bit above normal) who have their own trials and tribulations and success stories?  How often are we treated to films about them?  I’m sick of films with wimp protagonists being the norm.  I want the non-wimps back! Especially in kid flicks!





Thing #1: Men who are Dumb Ass Mother Fuckers

Now don’t get me wrong, we’ve been getting Dumb Ass Mother Fuckers (DAMFs) probably before we’ve ever been getting Bad Ass Mother Fuckers (BAMFs) in film.  After all, The 3 Stooges was popular (and I argue it still should be).  Just about every famous sitcom ever made has DAMFs in it (Cheers, Seinfeld, Two and a Half Men, Last Man Standing).  The problem is that the ratio of DAMFs compared to BAMFs has increased exponentially over the past few years.  To the point where you have to make an extra effort to find not just a movie, but a TV show, that has just one BAMF in it.  Or hell, forget about BAMFs for a moment, why not just have a reasonably intelligent and independent man in your average movie?  Who is fully capable of accomplishing things on his own (yet still needs help some of the time, but not most of the time, and not in every episode of every show; and not every 10 minutes in some movie).  You know, like how it used to be?  Why is there such a prevalence of DAMFs?  For the reason involving thing #2.




Thing #2: Strong Intelligent Independent Women

“What the fuck!?  How can you say that’s a bad thing you asshole!?” you may ask.

Well the answer to that is easy.  BECAUSE IT’S BEEN DONE AT THE EXPENSE OF BAMFs!!!  Because ((they)) feel that it’s necessary to prop up women at the expense of men.  And again, this wouldn’t be such a bad thing if the ratio was balanced.  But that’s not good enough.  They don’t want the ratio balanced, they want it rigged.  And they’re teaching people in schools to accept it as being rigged.  The problem is that it’s not a natural thing, as much as they may hate to admit it.  They don’t want to admit that women, on average, aren’t as strong and intelligent and independent as men.  Not even when men become fucking trannies who identify as women and kick their ass at sports (it’s shit like this that doesn’t ever make me feel bad for trannies whenever I see/hear jokes about them).  Or even better, they don’t even want to admit that sometimes women need men’s help, sometimes vice-versa; they don’t consider (or just downright don’t believe) that sometimes men and women need each other, because they each have different traits that can be used together so they can benefit from one another, outside of one have a dick and the other having a pussy.  That’s why Mary Sues are the archetypes primarily promoted as strong independent women.  They’re not interesting, and they suck as characters!

And the worst part is that they didn’t think films from the past with strong women were enough, not even when taking into account the difference between women in film prior to the Hays Code, during it, then that time period after it during the mid-60s all the way up to 2010, and then the time period that followed (basically 2012 to the present).  They didn’t appreciate Ripley or Vasquez in Aliens.  They didn’t appreciate “The Bride” in Kill Bill, or Trinity in The Matrix, or the lesbians in Bound.  Among the other movies back then which I’m 100% sure didn’t consist of any woman who could be considered strong, intelligent, or independent in any way shape or form.  Even more ironic, these hypocritical feminists attack the one thing they should be proud of having as women.  Femininity.

Since they don’t want to appreciate the forms of representation they’ve had in the past, they’d rather have over-representation of the toxic kind (ironic, considering they believe the past primarily consisted of toxic masculinity).  And this is done at the expense of men, by ensuring their representation is beta males at best, and all alpha males must be either the villains, or DAMFs.  Because there’s no other way, otherwise such men are considered toxic.

Speaking as a woman I would be inclined to agree with Clint on this one. When are people going to realise that positive discrimination in favour of one group will always disadvantage another. Although I see no reason why women should not be able to obtain higher rank, I do believe that they should earn it. If women continue down this slippery slope they will forfeit both respect and credibility. You ask most women with children who also have to work full time at a mind-numbingly boring job if they wouldn’t rather stay home and bring up those children properly. The reason for high rates of obesity is due largely to the fact that girls are not taught to cook at school as it is considered demeaning, and mum is working all day leaving her no time to teach . Boys run around with gangs because there is no one at home to give them time, care and stability. It is time that we stopped treating women who want to stay home with their children as second-class, citizens, mindless Cinderellas. What could be more noble than raising one’s children in a secure loving home, and giving your life to teach them the skills they will need to live healthy, happy lives themselves. I expect I shall be inundated by angry Feminists for my tirade but just let me say this. I gave up a wonderful job which I loved in order to care for my son, and I have never regretted.I was fortunate to have been able to choose. We should make it easier for women to mind their own children if they wish. Oh, and one more little thing, if mothers could spend more time with their sons the little cherubs might grow up to have more respect for women than some of the ignorant “men” who commented on this item! Now the men will troll me too, Hey Ho!

bella donna

She’s interested only in pushing her agenda and has no regard for the lives it will cost, particularly if those lives are men. Taking her own inadequacy out on the world.






Thing #3: China

Fuck you China, and your production companies that infest Hollywood.  And fuck you Hollywood, for selling out to them.  Fuck Hollywood for catering more towards the International market than the U.S. market.  They have lost their American pride, and have no loyalty to the country they reside in, or the customers living in it, no more than the cell phone sweatshops in China give a fuck about their citizens when they give them cell phone, which can only connect to a restricted web service, which is likely monitored more heavily than our cell phones in the U.S. by the NSA.

I’m sick of these fucking untouchable oriental characters in mainstream Hollywood films, who seem to have diplomatic immunity plot armor.  It makes me want to dress up in black face, impersonate a police officer, get a pistol, and blow them away from a distance while saying, “It’s just been revoked.”  And I’m also sick of the pro-China ads (either blunt or subliminal) in these fucking flicks.  You think China has much pro-America sentiment in their fucking movies?  I expect each country to talk trash about the others in their own fucking movies!!!  I wanna see Americans get made fun of in Japanese flicks, Chinese flicks, British flicks, Australian flicks, Indonesia flicks, African flicks (if anyone on that continent is capable of making any good ones), Indian flicks, etc.  Just as much as I wanna see all of those motherfuckers get made fun of in an American movie.  I wanna see all of us talk trash to each other and have fun doing it!






Thing #4: Diversity Over-Representation

Because they didn’t think shows in the past like Star Trek: The Next Generation (let alone Deep Space 9, or Voyager), or Babylon 5 didn’t have anywhere near enough diversity quotas filled.  These fuckers legitimately believe that full-blown desegregation is healthy for society, and thus this theme must be both bluntly and subliminally represented in EVERYTHING!  Films, shows, commercials, schools, companies and employment.

“But why is it such a bad thing?”

Because, like pretty much every other thing on this list, it’s done at the expense of white people. People like George Peele, Spike Lee, and others making Hollywood films that bash white males in one form or another in at least 70% of mainstream films being released today (and that’s being generous, it’s more likely 85%).  They intentionally push the idea that all-white (male) groups are a bad thing, yet don’t really do anything about groups that are all-black, all women, all oriental, etc.  They want you to believe it’s healthy to have racial and gender diversity in groups, and that it’s unhealthy for the groups to be homogeneous on a racial level.  And yet they are not only hypocrites about it, but also ignore the statistical evidence and the everyday examples showing that this is simply not true.  Plus, the whole, “Diversity is our strength,” line is just one more way of saying that nationalism is wrong.  And why shouldn’t they preach that?  They make more of a profit from a global economy than a national one (see Thing #3).

“The first victim of equality is fairness.”



Thing #5: Humor That Is Safe, Juvenile, And Limited

Humor is always done at the expense of some individual, a type of individual, or some group, or race, etc.  Which is why they are hated when they are aimed at anyone other than, uh, non-PC people.  I’ll just let Duckman take this one.

I know you all came here to see Iggy Catalpa, because you think he’s funny, because you like his style, because you just plain like him, right? But you just think you do. Because you were manipulated into thinking you do by him: King Chicken. He did it the same way they manipulate us into buying toothpaste, car wax, even politicians. All pre-packaged, the least offensive, most appealing alternative. But it’s precisely when humor is offensive that we need it most. Comedy should provoke. It should blast through prejudices, challenge preconceptions. Comedy should always leave you different than when it found you. Sure humor can hurt even alienate but the risk is better than the alternative; a steady diet of innocuous, child proof, flavorless mush. Demand to be challenged, to be offended, to be treated like thinking, reasoning adults and raise your children to be the same. Don’t let a comedian, a network, a congressional committee, or an evil genius take away your freedom to laugh at whatever you want.




Thing #6: Remakes, Reboots, Spin-Offs That Fuck With the Source Material For PC Reasons

You know exactly what the fuck I’m talking about.  The latest and most obvious example is The Little Mermaid remake, where they decided that in a reality where mermaids exist that live under da’ sea, where there is very little sun, the mermaid humanoids can have dark skin and not be pale at all.  The all-female Ghostbusters flick, and Ocean’s 8, and how all Ghostbusters have to be women.  How they make Maleficent go from antagonist to protagonist when she got her own movie.  The racial changes made to various superheroes adapted from comic books.  The revised version of Batgirl. What they claim to be doing with the newer 007 film.  These changes are not made for the sake of putting a creative and entertaining spin on the characters.  They are done to re-invent the culture that spawned their original/older/superior incarnations.  And why do this?  Destroy the existence of old-fashioned role models many identified with in the past in any way possible, and less people will want to choose them as their fiction role models, thus having less people want to identify with them.  Because they want these iconic figures to inherit traits they want their viewers to also possess.

I feel like comics are the medium that have really inspired me the most; and they have helped me to understand myself and the world, and have really answered a lot of questions I’ve had about life.  […]  I’ve always found myself turning to fiction because I believe that narrative provides a world where you can simulate feelings and experiences in a safe way.  It teaches you how to empathize with other people and […] really show you how to deal with life rather than just telling you.


And I feel like to reach your full potential you need to get a handle on yourself.  You need to learn who you really are on the inside in order to become the hero of your own story.  So society says that it values individuality and that it encourages individuality.  But that’s not really true, let’s get real about it.  Society pressures you to be just like everybody else.  And a lot of people just go wit the flow because there’s a lot of instructions for being normal, it’s pretty easy.  But being an individual, the instructions really aren’t as obvious because it’s different for everybody.  And that’s ok.  It’s kind of like a puzzle that you have to figure out, and try to have fun with it as best you can, even though it can be really confusing.


It’s a hard road.  You’re going to have people coming out left and right out of the woodwork trying to take you down, trying to make you feel bad for being who you are.  And the thing is that even though it’s a really hard road at times, I want you to know that it really is the most fulfilling thing you can do in your life.


So what I want you to do is a simple thinking exercise.  It’s free, anyone can do it.  What you need to do is pick a character that you love.  Something from your childhood always works, but you can also use someone that is resonating with you now.  […]  You can use any character from any medium that you feel comfortable with, including history and even mythology.  […] 

[If you love that character, and identify with that character, you learn to love yourself by default.]

So if you think that comparing yourself to characters that you love is a really fun and interesting way to learn more about yourself and embrace your true self, you may be interested to learn that you can also do this with characters that you hate.  Because as Carl Yung said, “Everything that irritates us about others can lead us to an understanding of ourselves.”  An axiom which is very uncomfortable and entirely true.


I believe that once you know your true self, and once you have an understanding of the inner materials that you’re working with, you can step beyond any limitations that you find by identifying characters who have traits that you want to possess in your own life, channeling that energy.

If all major characters in all major mediums possess the same type of traits (promotion of feminism; shaming white alpha men; condemning the traditional and old-fashioned role of a married woman who stays at home to care for the house, the kids, and the husband, while also condemning the traditional family unit; etc), then the general audiences watching all newly released films that only contain these types of characters will tend to look primarily for those limited and intentionally designed inspirational traits.  Even when one has to look at statistical data to show that society is not benefiting from this in any way.

And this is why they wish to remake material that was famous/popular/hip at a point in time, if not all the way up to today.  To attack them, destroy them, and ensure the traits they once possessed are no longer there, so they can possess different traits, and thereby teach different lessons to viewers.  That is why they won’t focus on creating new material while pushing those traits and those figures.  Because those traits suck.  But put those traits on established characters who have been built up by more talented artists who put more hard work and effort into those characters than these NPCs couldn’t ever dream of approaching, and it will garner more attention.  Historical figures and mythology are not immune to this either.

And this is far more devious than the previous things, though they all arguably contribute towards this (almost) final one.  And that is why they all piss me right the fuck off.  Fuck them, I’m just going to go on collecting physical copies of the older medium with the better characters and the better stories, with the better themes and role models. Especially since Disney tends to alter their films on their streaming services to fit this agenda.




Thing #7: Absence of Films and Shows That Are Daring, Innovative, or Take Risks

Should be obvious at this point why this is the case.  And that is why the industry is so fucking dull.  Take a chance.  Go back to nationalism, pride in country, putting women in their place, joke about anything and everything, let writers have independent freedom and allow audiences to freely decide what will be a success and what won’t, make men smart again and be good role models (let alone have good father figures), and stop pandering to China.  On that last note, make some anti-China films to offset all the shit that’s been coming out that’s pandered to them.  Let films leave an impact again.  A good impact, not a bad one.  Stop brainwashing people with this shit. And if nothing else, at least balance the fucking ratio so that there are just as many films with women being all, “I don’t need no man,” as there are with women who are the opposite. Though if we’re to be honest as to what a healthy society needs, the balance should be more in the favor of the latter, especially when built off film types from the 60s-(20)00s.



PS: And to a lesser extent, I’m also irritated at how Christians are generally depicted as terrible people in film.

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