Do the Right Thing review and discussion on racism

Rated: 3/5

So “nigger” is an offensive word right? At least when white people use it? But why is that exactly? From what I’ve been taught, it has to do with the past, during the 1800s to the late 1900s (depending on which area of America you are at). A term used by white men towards black slaves. A term intended to be insulting and contemptuous. A term that treats blacks as those of a lower class. But nowadays the definition/usage tends to vary. Blacks use it towards each other in a way that isn’t putting someone down so much as it is the cool thing to say. Sort of like how DC Talk took the term “Jesus Freak” and made it cool. A term of endearment, another word for “friend”. Except that it’s a cool word that only black people can use, otherwise it’s blasphemous, making the non-black who uses the word susceptible to being beaten, potentially to death. Never mind that they use the term towards white people as well. A bit of a double standard, though I can see their point. There is much the white man should feel guilty about when it comes to events of the past previous generations have carried out. Used between black people, it’s in a controlled environment, within their own context. Outside of that context, “nigger” takes on a different form, a different life, a different meaning.

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