Transformers 1-5 epic review

Yep, all 5 films into one review. Why? Because the films try to be grand and epic, and lengthy. Transformers Rated: 3/5 NOTE: Fair warning, I was high while writing this portion of the review. It might come off as a bit sporadic and stuff. Probably helps replicate the feel of the franchise. So, looks … Continue reading Transformers 1-5 epic review

On Pedophilia, Lolicons, and Child Marriage

Introduction That title probably got your attention didn't it? Don't worry, this isn't click-bait, mostly. I'm going to discuss these topics with seriousness, and a tad bit of lightheartedness and immaturity every now and then. Because let's face it, considering the age-factor, some immaturity is to be had one way or another. This article is … Continue reading On Pedophilia, Lolicons, and Child Marriage