On Pedophilia, Lolicons, and Child Marriage


That title probably got your attention didn’t it? Don’t worry, this isn’t click-bait, mostly. I’m going to discuss these topics with seriousness, and a tad bit of lightheartedness and immaturity every now and then. Because let’s face it, considering the age-factor, some immaturity is to be had one way or another. This article is mainly a discussion on the age-of-consent, and some proxy-scenarios that spawn around that subject.

And some of you are thinking, “Ok, how are you going to bash on pedophiles? How are you going to bash on people who want to screw kids and outlaw under-aged sex in general?” To which I reply, “Oh, I’m going to do more than just that, I’m going to express why I believe lolicons and underaged sex shouldn’t be as illegal as it is now.”

“Come again?” you may say.

You read me right, I’m here to argue against various (not all) laws that outlaw underaged sex, as well as argue against the general attitudes of society that treats this as such a taboo subject. They treat it as such even to the point where it shouldn’t even be discussed. Bad move. Everything should be discussed, even if that involves the discussion leading to the same conclusion that had been reached in the past, that things should stay the same as they are now because they are as they are for good reason. Currently, I don’t believe things should stay the same, and if you’re willing to read me out on this one, you might just agree with me.

Before continuing, there is one thing to keep in mind. I have a golden rule which I believe everyone to some extent either agrees with, or should agree with. The Christian Bible interprets this as “Do unto others as you would do to yourselves,” or “Love thy neighbor as you would love yourself.” In other words, if you expect to be treated well by others, you should also treat them well. Be nice to others. Don’t do them any harm. There are some situations which could muddle that idea a bit when getting into nitty gritty details, but the long and short of it is that if an individual isn’t causing anyone any harm, they should be left alone.

A few things pushed me into discussing this subject. From a few news headlines regarding teachers having sex with students getting put behind bars, to an email I got from Minds.com (a new social media site that aims to compete with and be superior to Facebook and its asshole-ish Big Brother policies) which stated this:

Drew Devaul
A hypocritical site, I was an investor and now I’m not, I was banned on Minds. So I ask, how is it that You claim to protect Free Speech yet “Lolicon” which is in fact legal is banned even if You aren’t posting any harmful content? You’ve essentially banned Me for a thought crime.

It’s legal under the US Code of Law, where it’s stated that if the content is distinguishable from real children then it’s legal. This includes cartoons.

Bill Ottman CEO; founder
Lolicon is certainly not clearly legal.

Drew is someone who put an investment into Minds.com, as I have, but they blocked his account because he was posting up Lolicon stuff, which could be either Japanese hentai films or games for all I know. I’ll get back to the current legal state of lolicons and hentai in a while, but it’s worth pointing out that the off-limits nature of such subject matter even reaches into this site which is all about free expression and open-discussion that would otherwise not be allowed on sites like Facebook, mainly because of their far-left bias. But it doesn’t matter if you’re far-left, far-right, or down the middle, the reaction would be the same. And it shouldn’t be, for a number of reasons, the main one being the intention and context of such material, in that it was never intended to harm real-life individuals of the same age range the animations depict.

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