Annihilation (2018) review

Rated: 5 / 5     Wait, no, that's not right.  Time must be messing with my head. Rated: 3 / 5 There, that's better. So I wasn't entirely sure what to expect from this movie.  Ok, that's a lie, I knew exactly what to expect in terms of plot.  This is another one of … Continue reading Annihilation (2018) review

The Post (2018) review

Rated: 3/5 Intro Warning, this review gets political, makes no apologies about it, and gives no free flying fucks if you disagree with it (unless any of you dare to try having an honest discussion with me). You've been warned. The Post, a movie.  Like how there was a TV series called The Office.  Now … Continue reading The Post (2018) review