Star Wars: Prequel Trilogy (1999-2005) epic review

Yep it's here.  Let's do this. So revisiting this trilogy after a few years, I have to admit, it's a bit better than I remember.  Probably because I was too young to give a shit about the political elements.  And make no mistake, this trilogy is heavy handed with the political messaging.  Yet it succeeds … Continue reading Star Wars: Prequel Trilogy (1999-2005) epic review

Star Wars: Original Trilogy (1977-1983) review

Alright, I think I've held off long enough on reviewing these films, so let's get to it.  But it should be mentioned that I am not a major die-hard fan of the Star Wars franchise.  I've only really watched the movies, I haven't ever gotten into the spin-off comics, novels, or tv shows.  So I … Continue reading Star Wars: Original Trilogy (1977-1983) review