If It’s Cyber-War They Want, It’s Cyber-War They’ll Get!

So yesterday InfoWars got banned practically simultaneously across several social media platforms.  While I’ve never been too much of a fan of them myself, especially with how nutty Alex Jones is, this is something I don’t condone for the reasons these companies have stated.  The following companies who have banned InfoWars include:


I’ve never had an iTunes, Spotify, MailChimp, Stitcher, or Pinterest account, so that’s no bother for me to ignore them from now on.  Facebook, I’ve just deleted my account which I’ve had deactivated (by myself intentionally, Facebook didn’t deactivate my account against my will) over the past several months.  Fuck them, and fuck Zuckerberg.

YouTube, well, I’m not going to go so far as to stop using that platform altogether.  After all, there are plenty of users using that platform who are just as outraged over this Orwellian tactic of censorship as I am, and are making videos expressing their frustration, and I’d hate to stop supporting them.  So I’ll stick with YouTube, for now, but I’ve got an account up on BitChute just in case, and Vimeo, and DailyMotion.

LinkedIn, you’re fired.  You’ve never helped me get a job anyway (I’ve done just fine without you), and you’re Google owned anyway.

And for a bonus mention, there’s also a website called YouPorn that has also banned InfoWars.  I’m not going to bother questioning why their content would be on that site, though I find it amusing to imagine the scenarios.  But one thing is for sure, there’s plenty of other websites to jack off to, including my own.


I’ll also be setting up accounts at alternative social media sites such as Gab.ai, MeWe.com, and Minds.com.

I don’t condone the banning and censoring of a platform just because one disagrees with their news and opinions.  They say it’s because they promote hate speech; to that I say take a good look at 30% of all the other people that utilize your services, and see how much of a cocksucking hypocrite you really are.  What they really mean is, “We are banning these people because their politics don’t agree with ours, and their news articles aren’t biased in the way we want them to be biased.”

So I’m going to retaliate.  I’m going to download the InfoWars app just out of spite.  I’m going to visit their website more often (some of their news articles aren’t half bad; Alex Jones isn’t the only guy doing things there, he can be avoided if he’s too much for you).  And I’m going to go about transitioning from Gmail to other mail services.  Maybe ProtonMail, or Zoho, or something.  And I sure as shit ain’t giving any of the websites who banned InfoWars a penny of my money.  Because they’re not just going to stop with InfoWars if they see they can get away with it, especially just a few months from a midterm election.  They want to see if they can get away with this and censor others, like what Youtube and Facebook and Twitter have been doing in the past, only on a smaller scale.  They’re already trying to do something similar to Fox News, among others.  They want to ban/censor all conservative sites, and all conservative speakers.  They’ve raised the stakes.  I say many others should do likewise against them.

If people thought Death of a Nation was too far-fetched before…



PS: Goddamnit!  I fucking hate it when it comes to shit like this.  I didn’t want this!  I didn’t want to live in a time where censorship gets so extreme it starts affecting politics and elections!  I didn’t want to get into a position where I’m defending InfoWars and fucking Alex Jones!  It’s forcing me to get more political than I am now.  And it’s also encouraging me to use the Brave web browser as opposed to Chrome or Firefox.  This is bullshit!


Why I can’t/won’t run WordAds

You’ve been warned, thrice.

So I’ve been wanting to start running ad revenue on my site, and I looked into Google AdSense and WordAds (which could end up getting Google AdSense).  But it turns out it’s not that simple unless I’m willing to conform.  For instance, what is prohibited on sites that use WordAds:

5. Prohibited Content. The following content and/or conduct is prohibited on sites that display Automattic Ads:

– Anything that is unlawful or promotes unlawful activity.
– Spam.
– Pornography or adult content.
– Graphic or gratuitous violence.
– Hate speech or incitements to violence.
– Harassment or the encouragement of the harassment of others.
– Disclosure of others’ personal information.
– Malicious code/malware/spyware or other technologically harmful code.
– Intellectual property infringement.
– Impersonation with the intent to confuse, defraud, or defame any third party.
– Any content that is inappropriate or not “family safe” as determined by us in our sole discretion.

1.) Don’t do anything unlawful or that promotes unlawful activity.  Fair enough, what else?

2.) Pornography or adult content.  Fuck you I won’t run adult content.  I might be able to avoid the pornography stuff (but since I’m not going to be utilizing this ad service, all bets are off on that now; yep, I might review pornographic material some time down the line).  But adult content?  What the fuck!?  What classifies adult content?  F words and B words like fucking bitch or something?  Violence?  Nudity?  Sex?  Politically incorrect language?

3.) Graphic or gratuitous violence.  Yeah, fuck that.  Sometimes the most awesome thing in a movie involves graphic violence.

4.) Hate speech or incitements to violence.  Well what qualifies as hate speech?  By Google’s standards, that could be just about fucking anything!

5.) Harassment or the encouragement of the harassment of others.  So long as this isn’t mixed in with criticism, fair enough.

6.) Disclosure of others’ personal information.  Of course, that should be taken for granted.  It’s the most unethical thing one could probably do short of making a live and real suicide/rape/murder video and posting it, unless it’s somehow for educational purposes.

7.) Malicious code/malware/spyware or other technologically harmful code.  No problem.

8.) Intellectual property infringement.  Uh, yeah, I’d like to keep within this line, but it’s so fucking easy to end up doing this, accidentally or otherwise.  But I could try.

9.) Impersonation with the intent to confuse, defraud, or defame any third party.  No problem.

10.) Any content that is inappropriate or not “family safe” as determined by us in our sole discretion.  Fuck you.



Anyway, if I’m to continue to run this site the way I want, within legal boundaries of course, without prohibiting the sort of images/gifs/vids I can share with everyone (whether I made them myself or witnessed them and want everyone else to witness them), I can’t run WordAds.  If I am to continue to be politically incorrect and continue my philosophy of rallying against politically correct language and SJW bullshit, I can’t run WordAds.

Which means, unless there’s an alternative I’m missing, the only way is through donations from visitors like you who visit this site for the reviews/information/entertainment.  Donations to Patreon or Paypal.

Anyway, sometime down the road, I’m going to have to review something pornographic.  I do have a couple things in mind.

Let’s Play the Google Bias Game! (1)

Alright, who’s up for a game where you find out how biased the search engines are?  It’s easy, as you’ll see.

For this entry, you just need to do 2 different searches.  Image searches.  Type in “white couple”, and see how many images pop up of a white couple.  Then type in “black couple”, and see how many images of a black couple show up.

Bing results of “white couple” image search:

Actual white couple count: 28/30 (including 1 gay couple with a black baby, and 1 lesbian couple)
93% accuracy

DuckDuckGo results of “white couple” image search:

Actual white couple count: 43/53
85% accuracy

Google results of “white couple” image search:

Actual white couple count: 27/40 (including an image of Trump and Hillary, and some woman going to prison [doesn’t have to do with a “couple”])
68% accuracy



Bing results of “black couple” image search:

Actual black couple count: 30/30
100% accuracy

DuckDuckGo results of “black couple” image search:

Actual black couple count: 56/56
100% accuracy

Google results of “black couple” image search:

Actual black couple count: 39/40
98% accuracy




What other biased/inaccurate searches can we come up with?