How I measure anti-whiteness, in entertainment

A couple years ago, I made a post that would serve as a reference for gauging woke levels in films (most of the time). I’d like to try something different, and a bit more tangible. Measuring how anti-white a movie/game/show/etc is. Thankfully, wokeness and anti-whiteness often have a correlation, because being “woke” is often a way of saying, “I’ve woken up to the fact that white people have abused their privileges and positions of power throughout much of world history, and this needs to be rectified in the present by whatever dumbshit methods and dipshit reasoning deemed appropriate.” It’s as misguided as it is harmful, but I’d rather cut through the middleman and get more direct about things.

In fact, much of what I wrote about wokeness in that prior post can pretty much be used for gauging anti-whiteness.

  • Promotion of anything that harms the formation and sustainability of a white heterosexual family unit (anything from interracial marriage/relationships, LGBT stuff, abortion, stereotypes of husband being an abusive alcoholic cheating pedophilic asshole, etc). This includes anything harming a traditional family unit.
  • Promotion of racial diversity with the primary intention of stating that a white ethnocentric family, group, organization, neighborhood, community, etc, is a bad thing.
  • Disproportionate representation of whites being villains/criminals/jerks, and disproportionate representation of any other race being the opposite (ie morally superior and innocent). Especially as it often flies in the face of real-life statistics.
  • Falsifying history to make whites (and men) look bad and any other race (and/or women) to look good.
  • Having females being viewed as superior to males (this discourages men from being strong leaders and supporters in the family unit).

That all being said, there will be situations when an exception to the rule is called for (there always is).

Rating system:

1: Negligible anti-whiteness. You’re probably projecting and/or being overly paranoid about any anti-whiteness being in the film/game/etc.

2: Unintentional anti-whiteness. There’s a chance it could be unintentional, but this is often something that results in anti-white subliminal messaging. Subtle stuff that on the surface may not seem anti-white, but there’s indications that it is. Either way, it’s not giving you a direct lecture about it.

3: Intentional anti-whiteness. Definite indication that the messaging, subliminal or not, is deliberate. Likely comes with some amount of lecturing.

4: Obvious anti-whiteness. Hold on to your class notes, it’s lecture time. Get ready for some preaching. There’s some anti-white aspect that’s integral to the plot that can’t be ignored. It may not be the only thing that drives the plot, or the primary thing, but it’s definitely there.

5: Anti-white. No other description is really necessary. This thing lives and dies by promoting anti-whiteness, and it’s impossible to take it any other way.

Will be including this now in future reviews in-place of the wokeness rating (that is now obsolete).

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