How I measure wokeness.

This is more of a “for future reference” post, so that I don’t have to keep re-typing this for reviews where I’m going to rate a film’s wokeness.

Since I decided to cover how “woke” certain shows, movies, and games are, I should define what is meant by “woke”, and measure how woke on a scale of 1-5. Separate from how entertaining I find a film (the home page covers that enough).

woke: The act of being very pretentious about how much you care about a social issue (source: Urban Dictionary); A woke person is someone who has “woken up” to modern discrimination and social issues. Examples include cultural differences and racial injustices (source: Slang it).

Guess it can be a noun or an adjective. Anyway, in this day and age, when woke people are talking about social/cultural/racial issues, they’re usually referring to how straight white men are socially toxic, culturally corrupted, and racially prejudice against all non-whites and/or women and/or minorities (ie non-whites and trannies and fags). Guess you have to exclude the white people who hate other white people as badly as Uncle Ruckus hates black people when going that far with it. Anyway, BLM and modern (third wave) feminism, big woke proponents. So is the ADL, NAACP, and SPLC. And just about every major news agency (along with those who run much of Silicon Valley, Twitter, Facebook, and Google). And pretty much anyone who says Communism or non-Nationalist-Socialism > Capitalism. And those who believe LGBTQ people (and “minorities”) deserve special privileges over white people. All of the above are about as woke as you can get. As for white supremacist, white nationalist, and conservative groups (however major or minor), those are usually the groups woke people despise.

In other words, anything that shames a normal heterosexual white family, with the male being the dominant one in the relationship and working his ass off to keep the family sustained financially; while the wife may or may not be doing some form of work for payment, but primarily wants to raise the children and maintain the household. Old fashioned, male and female wife, with straight normal children. Anyone that shames this and/or white pride (because that’s the only form of pride that woke people can and will shame, aside from maybe nationalistic pride) is also basically woke. Because wokeness discourages such a thing from existing, and shames those who already have it.

So, when scaling how woke some show/movie/game is, you have to consider the intention. Here’s how I scale it:

1: Negligible wokeness. If there is any, you’re likely projecting. In some cases, some would decry it as white nationalist (or men’s rights) propaganda (and in some cases that would just be pure projection).

2: Unintentional wokeness. There may be social issues addressed, but they either try to be fair about it, or are entirely naive as to the dangers of the position they take. And even if social issues are addressed, it’s not in a way where they’re lecturing you about it. It’s more subtle and indirect without much (if any) intended malice.

3: It may or may not be intentional at this point. There’s at least a tinge of being lectured about how whites and/or men should check their privilege.

4: We’re clearly in for a woke lecture. Something that can’t exist without this message being an integral part of the story. Something like how slavery is bad (no duh), how women are less bitches than men are bastards, how blacks/latinoes/LGBTQs/women are morally/intellectually superior to the corrupt straight alpha white males. It may not bash you over the head with it throughout the runtime of the feature, but it’s not something to be ignored either when they’re so blatant about it. Enough to take up at least a quarter of the film/show/game’s runtime.

5: Woke propaganda. There’s no other way to interpret it. There’s no other merit to it outside of the propaganda. It lives and dies by it. This is to woke people what a book of the New Testament is to Christians. Or what a chapter of the Koran is to Muslims. Or what CW’s Batwoman is to lesbians.

Might include this rating with certain features (or even go back and revise older ones to include this rating).

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