Random Rants #2: Offended on Behalf of Minorities and their Privileges

People always getting offended on behalf of someone else. Someone makes a black joke, including dressing up as a black person (blackface included), some white chick/prick (or chick with a prick, like most politicians) will act offended on behalf of black people. Someone makes a Mexican joke or dresses up as one, some white douchebag (or any politician) will get offended on behalf of Mexicans. Someone dresses up as a chink and/or makes a chink joke, some politician with chink investments or another great white lard will get offended on behalf of all chinks. Someone makes a nazi joke, well at that point it’s politically correct to laugh at it. Someone dresses as a nazi, then they’ll be branded as the racist. I’m sensing a double standard here. Isn’t the whole point of the outrage mob to become outraged on behalf of a race/group they aren’t a part of whom they want to represent, like a politician wanting some votes? Especially if it’s an oppressed minority? Don’t they want to ensure there isn’t systematic discrimination against the minorities?

What about the rich 1%? Aren’t they a minority? I mean, last I checked, 1% out of 100% of a population should constitute a minority. Aren’t they portrayed as one-dimensional villains in most films like how blacks were treated as villains in The Birth of a Nation? Haven’t films done enough to them over the decades? Shouldn’t they be given a break from being taxed so harshly for the benefit of the majority? After all, humanity is supposed to be all-loving to everyone and is to fight for equality for all people. Aren’t corporations people too? Shouldn’t they have their time now? Don’t we owe them some reparations? I mean, for crying out loud, a good portion of bank owners (let alone those running the Federal Reserve, and thus the IRS) are Jewish, making them the equivalent of Holocaust survivors! Have you no heart?

It’s not as if we should expect anything in return for having the privilege of speaking out against those perceived to have committed an offense on behalf of the minorities. That would just be selfish and immoral partaking in outrage culture for the purpose of getting something in return aside from a clear conscience. Besides, why should we expect compensation? The minorities have been oppressed to the point where they are the ones who need compensation. There’s no way they would have enough to get by without it. It’s outrageous in of itself to think we would want to be anything other than friends with no benefits, aside from just having a friend for friendship’s sake.

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