Owning up to mistakes regarding WWI and Feminism.

So I’ve been in a couple discussions, and I’ve been shown to be in the wrong in a couple of them.  For the sake of introspective, so that I can remind myself to never be too full of myself (it’s ok to be a little full of myself, that’s what makes this fun), I’ll share a couple of them.  Plus they’ll make for some interesting history lessons.

First, a response to a response to a video by Devon Stack of Blackpilled:


The facts are undeniable, as Devon here has pointed out, there can be no doubt that the Jews indeed have contributed to the American culture far more than any other minority in America. At only about 2.6% of the American population they have aided this country from music to science, Gershwin to Oppenheimer. It is without doubt that America owes the strength it has in the world due in large part to these Jewish contributions. Congratulations on this acknowledgement Devon, not many take the time to realize how important the Jewish community is to America, they have become as important of a part of America as apple pie.
Oh, by the way, “Do you hear what I hear?” written by Noel Regney and Gloria Shayne Baker (Regney’s Jewish Wife).
Let me know when you plan on making an accolade video on the contributions of Jewish Americans I would love to see it… thanks.



And now they’re contributing to its deterioration.



There is ample evidence that the promotion of feminism coupled with government unions (especially the teachers unions) has much more to do with the deterioration of the west than the postulations of a few academic stuffy Jews.
It is the westerners themselves who have turned their backs on the Christian religion which was the bulwark of western unity, without it we are doomed.



Then by all means, show me some of this ample evidence. Link to some of this ample evidence. Not claiming it’s far-fetched, I’d just like to be familiar with the evidence and the arguments. Especially since I believe the feminist movement itself was instigated by some of those few (rich) academic stuffy Jews.

In the meantime, you may want to consider why westerners are turning their backs on Christianity. Consider that Christianity itself is a prime motivator for being inclusive and welcoming to strangers of all sexes and races. Perhaps its time for a new religion, albeit with a similar theme of “love thy neighbor as thyself,” which in all fairness isn’t a theme exclusive to Christianity (many others have it too). After all, Japan was doing rather well as a nation until feminism was forced onto them by the West, and they weren’t exactly what I’d call a Christian nation.

Religion plays a part, but it’s a mistake to believe that Christianity is the end-all-be-all of them all. Religions are like constitutions. The message/meaning/morals matters more than the name. And the message has to be strong enough to make sense to people and get them to follow it.



Fair enough, first feminism is directly responsible for the decline of the family. The family unit is the basis of societal stability, without it children are left to themselves leading to the bastardization of this country.


I don’t know how you figure that feminism was started by academic Jews, though. Cadie Stanton, Susan B. Anthony , and Lucreitia Mott were not even remotely Jewish.


The manipulation of this bad idea by some academics has more to do with the idea of elitism than due to religion. There are indeed Jewish elitists, but there are many more nonreligious elitists, as a matter of fact the elitism we see corrupting America is mostly of atheist origin. From the disgusting Marxists themselves :

next the teachers unions and the decline in academic achievement:

I hope this gives a little context to my comments. In general I firmly believe that Jews in America has ultimately benefited this country far more than it has harmed it, and I also believe that it is the idea of elitism ie. that those with money and resources should maintain their status through regulating the masses is the true enemy, this enemy of the people has much more to do with money and corruption of morality due to loss of religion than it has to do with any particular religion. Many rich elitists are Jewish this is true, but the focus being on Judaism gives a pass to those who aren’t Jewish, Mitt Romney for example being Mormon is still a disgusting creature.



Well then, I guess I stand corrected (more like sit corrected). Guess the stuff I heard about the elite Jews (not to be confused with average Jews, no more than the upper class should be confused with the middle class) influencing feminism was more on what has been called third wave feminism (as opposed to the first wave in the 1910s-20s, and the second wave in the 60s-70s). It’s good to get a reality check every now and then making it clear that thing’s aren’t so simple/convenient as to blame the world’s problems on one particular group. There’s plenty to spread the blame around to.

That being said, regarding Marxism. Karl Marx. There’s some debate as to whether or not he was actually Jewsish (and even a self-hating Jew, something often prescribed to Hitler). And the Communist Manifesto was thus written by a Jew, and utilized by Vladimir Lenon who lead the Bolshevik Revolution (primarily financed by Jews) to take over Russia (and they succeeded), and caused a domino effect involving WWI and WWII. They in essence are primarily responsible for Communism, from its inception to its initial spread. It is argued that communism and zionism are linked together, and that zionists are responsible for the creation of communism. It’s one of the main foundations that documentary Europa: The Last Battle (as early as part 1) bases it’s arguments upon.

And I agree. Something seriously needs to be done about teacher’s unions.

As far as Jews contributing positively to American culture, that has always been a two-edged sword. Yes, they have done great things, revolutionizing the film industry by setting up corporations to eliminate the hold of the Edison monopoly being one of them. And yet those same corporations led WWI and WWII propaganda encouraging the U.S. to get into those wars for devious reasons (as the Europa documentary points out). There’s almost always a catch in regards to their contributions. On the other hand, that seems to be the way of things, Jewish or not. The Internet and smart phones are great and convenient, but the NSA sure takes advantage of them in a manner that is less than ethical (to say the least).

To quote Frank Herbert’s Dune book series:
“Power attracts pathological personalities. It is not that power corrupts but that it is magnetic to the corruptible.”

These contributions, at least as far as films go (or financial), end up becoming a source of power for them. Mainly in propaganda. And there’s too many Jewish people in positions of power and influence with much financial backing to make it all coincidental (from the banks, to the media, primarily speaking). But I also won’t deny that there are exceptions, that there are rich people who are Jewish and non-Jewish (as few and far between as they are) who don’t contribute to the deterioration of American culture. Regardless, one should always be wary of those who are rich enough to pose this sort of threat. It’s this sort of thing that makes socialism a fad, and the bashing of capitalism a trend, even if both wind up being misguided to varying degrees (socialism is almost never good; capitalism isn’t always bad).

To close this out on another quote from Herbert:
“When I am weaker than you, I ask you for freedom because that is according to your principles; when I am stronger than you, I take away your freedom because that is according to my principles.”

PS: Guess there’s common ground regarding Mitt Romney.



Now for a response I made to Razorfist.



“Belgium” Like raping a city was something exclusive to the Germans, in both wars.

“Lusitania” That ship had 173 tons of weaponry. allthatsinteresting.com/rms-lu

“Edith” Part of a spy network sending info to the British.


Through my research, I learned that Edith Cavill was in fact a spy for the British under the guise of being a nurse (though she did nursing too).  So the Germans had legit reasons (ie not just being assholes who hated good-hearted people; ie 2-dimensional villains) to execute her.  Making things more grey than black & white.

The Lusitania ship sinking, wow, did that story get more complex the more I looked into it.  Back in the day, it was all, “How horrid that the Germans would sink a British liner full of innocent civilians who died as a result, who did nothing wrong.”  And this was while the events of the Titanic were still fresh in memory.  But then, several decades later, information comes out that this ship was in fact transporting 173 tons of weaponry to use against the Germans in the war.  But that’s not the whole story either, there’s angles of spies, espionage, political angles, that make this whole event so fascinating that they should really make a film out of it (while doing justice to the German perspective as well).  Seriously, read that entire article linked to the sinking of the Lusitania, it’s a great informative read.

As for Belgium, well…  I wasn’t wrong in stating that all countries, all sides of the war, did their own form of raping/looting/pillaging.  But I was wrong in stating that Belgium is a city.


“Belgium” is a country, not a city, moron. Your article probably refers to Loewen, which, yes, was the first major city annihilated by the German Army in WWI.



And just for the hell of it, one last little comment section bit I got involved in, just to end it on the note of feminism and piss those people off.  And because I hate ending things on a note of how much of an idiot I can be sometimes.  This is a response to a comment made on a video by Turd Flinging Monkey (TFM) which is basically just a video for those in-the-know regarding his opinions of feminism being responsible for the destruction of society and civilizations (plural).

OK. I have had 15 minutes to think this over and Im still wondering “What on Earth did I just watch” ?And what are all these comments about women ? Voting is merley an illusion of a democracy where your vote does ( never has ) nothing. As for women; love em, hate em – the fact remains the same, without them there would be none of us. So what is this all about eh ? Me cunfooozed.



it’s ok, boomer
btw this is 50% your stupid generation fault, the dumbest people on the planet

you had this great nation, the greatest nation on Earth…. and you lost it.



Ignore Uncle Timo, he’s not one of those people friendly to newcomers to this. You would be surprised how much of a role the film industry played in all this.

Basically, feminism of 1917 (clubs and organizations led by women) caused prohibition (18th amendment) to be voted into law (and we be enacted in 1918). Some silent films portraying such organizations were shown at this time. In 1919, women’s suffrage (19th amendment) would also become legal due to women rallies. Amidst all this, women were becoming celebrity superstars as early as 1914, which only gained momentum as the years went on. As a consequence, Hollywood began having their women celebrities have abortions (on the down-low, hidden from public view), beginning in the early 1920s.

Then came the first male victim of this women’s right’s movement that had finally gained power, William “Fatty” Arbuckle, who was the most popular silent film comedian of the time next to Charlie Chaplin and Buster Keaton. He was falsely accused of raping a woman to death, and had to go through three trials (first two were mistrials), but it didn’t matter. His life was ruined, and Hollywood and women’s groups would continue to ensure his life would stay ruined long afterwards until his death years later.

And that was all prior to the 60s and 70s, when 2nd wave feminism hit, and caused a consistent increase in divorce rates and decrease in marriage rates (not to mention how a similar pattern happened to Japan after WWII when the U.S. forced women’s rights upon that country; let alone the abortion rates). Considering the new trend of third wave feminism, and how destabilized society has been growing since then (mainly since the 50s ended), are you not seeing a pattern here when women come into power? They are more emotionally influenced/manipulated then men ever will be, generally speaking. The only thing more destabilizing than that is a bad religion.

Love ’em or hate ’em, they need to be put back in their place. Things work better that way. Though this is far from the only solution needed to correct society (making it more racially homogenous, even if just at the State level, maybe even county; cutting off legal and illegal immigration for a long duration, and that issue with the Federal Reserve, and removing all the nonsense liberal/democrat laws, are also needed).


Thanks for your insight. From my perspective “womens rights” are one of the many sideshows they funded & exploited. James Corbett https://www.corbettreport.c… mention how prohibtion was exploited. Aaron Russo also is on camera confessing the banksters used the womens rights movement.

Its like Gay rights. Homosexuality has always been frowned upon yet has always existed. It wont go away. But hey .. lets fund a Gay rights movement and force polarity and disunity amongst the people. Whilst people are focused on problems the Banksters create, they are too distracted to notice they are been stolen from with taxes & unpayable debt & wars & laws & laws that exempt Money Changers.

Just like the political vote..its all a distraction on the Fiction Theatre Stage we watch on TV & believe to be reality 🙂




PS: And a bonus point for someone pointing out another error I made on my own site, with Kull the Conqueror:

Jerry A Kimbro

You probably don’t care and you certainly don’t seem to know that Conan the Barbarian and Kull the Conqueror were originally short story sword and sorcery characters created by the same author, Robert E Howard. In fact he created Kull first, but when he had trouble selling those stories he ripped off a Kull story, created Conan and sold it to a great success. The point is Kull is not a rip off of Conan. Its actually the other way around!

See?  I do care.

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