Some Anti-SJW Quotes, and Stuff

Not going to do anything real fancy here. No images, no gifs, no videos, no joke saved for the end of the thread. Just want an old fashioned collection of quotes that I've built up here and there over the years. Some are from famed authors, poets, and speakers. Others are just from simple bloggers … Continue reading Some Anti-SJW Quotes, and Stuff

A few quotes from Robin Hood and Ivanhoe

I've taken to reading some classics as of late. I'm slow about it, especially with getting through The Adventures of Robin Hood (Puffin Classics version written by Roger Lancelyn Green), as that stuff gets rather monotonous, with Robin Hood and his merry men always getting involved in shenanigans with Prince John, Guy, and the Sheriff, … Continue reading A few quotes from Robin Hood and Ivanhoe