Random Drunk Rantings: 11-8-2019

It would be great if Disney sold Star Wars back to Lucas for peanuts shot out of Dumbo’s nose (that these cocksuckers likely censored on Disney+, fuck you). Likely under the condition he would make a film or two exclusively for them in the hope it would allow them to regain some monetary losses (which it might). Then he sells the Star Wars license again to the only people more capable of staying true to the lore. To Toho, to Japan. And then we get an era of amazing bitching Star Wars anime and manga that rocks the world of the entertainment industry on an international level. And they don’t sell out to China, because Japan fucking hates China, and China fucking hates them for that era of history Japan won’t exactly acknowledge (rape of Nanking, which China made a film about). Next thing you know, we’ll also get some Star Wars J-RPGs.

It’s a great fucking idea, but it’s likely too good to be true.

Anyway, I also watched Fright Night Part II (1988), which I must admit I found to be superior to the original. And when I started seeing how it was the knew addition to the protagonist lineup, this college chick, who winds up being the only one kicking the vampires’ asses for the first half of the film, and then the protagonists from the last film finally start to get their licks in during the finale, all I could think was, “Now this is the sort of female empowering shit that we would deem acceptable of Terminator: Dark (because it’s up an asshole) Fate.” Because it’s not doing a disservice to the main characters of the previous films, there’s a logical reason as to why they need help from her (this new clan of vampires intentionally targets the guys from the first film for revenge, so naturally they have things planned out for them, and they would need assistance).

It also occurred to me that this is likely the Terminator 2 of horror film sequels (if you don’t count Exorcist III). I’m not saying it’s as good as Terminator 2 (and honestly, Exorcist III is probably the better film by comparison). But you know what, at least this has a 2 in the title, even if it’s in fucking Roman numeral (it still counts!).

Ah, and some youtuber commented on my response about Lucas selling to Japan if he got the rights back.

@Anomalous Host It’s too late. Carrie’s gone.
Anomalous Host
@IndyDefense Like the Japanese will give a fuck when they’re capable of making life-like sex dolls for Christ’s sake, let alone animated versions that are going to be spoken in Japanese anyway.

I rest my case.  Thankfully I’m not drunk enough to look up pictures of Leia doll porn and post them on this page (just drunk enough to do the former).


It also occurs to me how oversensitive everyone is to the whole pervert thing.  As if all perverts are going to rape you or something.  It makes me think of my disappointment in the video game industry with that subject.  There aren’t enough games out there that allow you to commit rape, let alone get away with it.  With all those games that claim REALISM, and allow you to do anything in a sandbox RPG world, aside from some mods you can download from certain adult website for games like Skyrim (or anything when Bethesda had some amount of talent), rape isn’t an option.  Oh sure, you can butcher the fuck out of people and steal their shit, sometimes not in that order, or doing one or the other.  But sticking something up the bumhole, that’s not an option.  Now of course I know that this is an option in some Japanese games like Rapelay, but those games fucking suck.  You know why?  Because it’s all about rape.  There’s nothing else to the gameplay beyond that.  Gameplay gets really boring really fast, and the controls suck most of the time.  You’re better off watching some hentai where someone gets fucked up the ass against their will (you better believe it happens to guys too, let alone boys and girls).


The ideal game would be some 2D RPG (3D is too complex and beyond any budget any indie studio would be capable of handling since they’re going to be faced with lawsuits all the way towards and after release, let alone just having a budget for making and finishing the game) that has some real-time combat system like, I don’t know, Tales of Symphonia or something.  You have your typical BS leveling up, which you need to do in order to face tougher opponents.  You start off as an incel wimp only capable of taking out some scrawny homeless fucks out on the streets addicted to meth and speed and coke and whatever, where all they have to do is trip on a crack in the road before falling and having every bone in their porcelain body cracking, which makes them optimal targets early in the game for leveling up and gaining fighting experience.  Then you’ll be able to tackle the rabid dogs, or whatever fucked up creature design the Japanese have in store for you in this game.  Because, you know, the whole point of leveling up in these games is to be capable of tackling tougher enemies.
In this case, in addition to tackling tougher monsters/drug addicts/gangsters/futas/whatever-the-fuck, you’ll also be capable of taking on tougher bimbos.  Because after beating them in combat (assuming you’ve leveled high enough to get past all the bitch-slaps you take to the face, among other things from more difficult enemies), then you’ll get the option to rape them, which is more difficult than outright beating them.  And I don’t know what system would be best for pulling this off.  It could be some cutscene, it could be some real-time-reaction events where you have to press a sequence of buttons at the right moment ala Beyond: Two Souls or Heavy Rain or something.  Because there will obviously be some dykes or, surprise, men dressed up as women who could wind up turning the tables on you should you fail and end up being the ones fucking you in the ass (the dykes would wear strap-ons, with the occasional futa growing a dick exclusively made for fucking you with it).  I mean, let’s be fair here, if you’re to be capable of raping them, they’ve gotta be capable of raping you.  And to be more fair and inclusive, there also needs to be a female lesbian/futa character to play as who either comes with a dick and tits, or just tits and a strap-on, to be capable of raping other characters (I refuse to believe that scissoring is rape).  Where was I?  Oh yeah, systems.  Or it could be an option of raping instead of dealing a finishing blow like in those Pokemon videogames.  I don’t know, it’s not like I’ve thought this concept all the way through (most of it is spontaneous thought).


And I know what some of you are thinking.  That this is despicable.  Perverted, horrifying, illegal, and does not belong in any respectable game, and it can serve no purpose whatsoever towards being in a legit RPG game that is good on any objective level.  Wrong!  There’s definitely a way this can work.  First, you gotta have a consensual sex option (whether it’s beating up a warrior chick and sparing her life opting not to rape her, and so she decides to become your sex slave for the rest of her life; or from having a good natured relationship with some chick that just evolves into a natural romantic/erotic relationship [how often does that fucking happen in a game?]).  You gotta have some relationship scale with all the significant NPC characters, which can go up or down depending on various actions (including rape, obviously).  And then you have the ability of rape victims, should you choose to allow them to live, or they live because of some event outside of your control such as guards showing up or she escapes afterwards or you fail to kill her or something like that; the rape victims can spread the word of your misdeeds which makes you a wanted man in certain towns.  But the best part, the best way to make this system work, is having generations involved.
As in women you’ve impregnated, whether consensual or not, have a chance of giving birth to a male/female.  If consensual, obviously there won’t be much of a problem other than how much of a father figure you wish to be.  But if non-consensual, and assuming this isn’t some woman you’re keeping tabs on (unlikely), she may raise this son/daughter to be a warrior who despises you and seeks vengeance upon you.  They may even become a leader of a warrior tribe or something that seeks your destruction, and the destruction of the village you reside in.  Or they may just go about their merry way without knowing of your existence.  The offspring you spawn carries their own consequences within the world.
Now do you see where the potential lies with having rape in a video game?  They key is the relationship factor, and the consequential fallout of your actions.  The thing that makes most, if not all, current games with rape in them rather dull is that there aren’t really any consequences, aside from, “Alright, you just raped a chick, now you’re going to get a shitty ending for your shitty character who just did a shitty action.”  No!  Don’t make it all about you!  The most effective form of an RPG is to not make the world revolve entirely around you.  Make it so that NPCs have a life of their own, and that you can have an affect on their lives, and see the consequences of that affect, which may or may not come back around onto you.
The only way rape can work in a game is if that’s not the sole feature the game provides.  Rather, it’s just one of many potential actions that can happen.  You’ll be lucky to have a game that has consequences (positive or negative) due to any procreational actions your character takes, even the consensual ones.  I haven’t seen an RPG where that happens.  Best case I’ve seen is a fan-made mod of Skyrim where babies get made as a result of you having sex with someone.  But the babies that get born just become a regular NPC that is a blank slate, with no history/motivation to them at all.
Granted, it would take a lot of programming to make this work.  And the game would have rape as an optional action to take where the game can be played without ever taking that action.  But there is so much potential in something like that.  Because the one element lacking in most RPGs is relationships that can develop as a consequence to romantic relationships and the children birthed as a result of them.  Some Shakespeare plays are memorable as a result of this.  On that note, we could also get some Oedipus Rex shit going on in games like this.


I guess for practicality purposes, the whole rape situation should just be handled as a fade-out to fade-in situation, where the deed occurs in-between.  But have the game wide-open for modding, so that the more creative (and sadistic) modders can create  cutscenes or mini-games to make the deed fully interactive.  Because modders are a game’s best friend.
That was a hell of a tangent.  How to tie this in to what I was discussing?  Vampires sucking the blood of some chick while she gets raped by an elephant who gives birth to some child raised by crows who flies around and does shit.
There’s your fucking drunken rant.


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