Why I’m cancelling Netflix because of Bill Nye

You fuckers. You cunts. You cocksuckers. I was willing to tolerate the switch from the 5 star rating system to the thumbs up/down system (likely) due to the poor ratings of the Amy Schumer Special. I was willing to put up with a lot of the shitty movies on your network for the sake of finding some diamonds in the rough, and for some decent shows/series. I was willing to put up with a lot, but I won’t put up with this. They have censored an episode of the old 90s show Bill Nye the Science Guy.

Update 7/9/2017: yep, and there goes one video. But where one falls, another rises:

Why would they do this? Simple but stupid. Bill Nye has recently gone on this radical-left PC pandering to LGBQT binge with some of his latest stuff, which contradicts what he’s said in the old 90s show. Rather than just say something like, “I was wrong then but I’m right now,” or ignoring criticism, somehow someway, Netflix has taken it upon themselves to censor a bit from an old episode which states how there are XX and XY chromosomes that makes 2 genders, male and female, in the vain hope that people will forget that he has ever said this, contradicting his current stance. Fuck him, and fuck Netflix. I’m cancelling the subscription. I don’t care what anyone’s stance is on the whole gender fluidity issue, censorship like this should never be tolerated under any circumstance.

PS: Wanna bet that this youtube video I’ve embedded above is going to be taken down within a week? Hell, let’s raise the stakes, wanna bet it will be taken down within 2 days?

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