who I am and why I’m here

Well, I started this WordPress Blogging University class that’s supposed to teach me the fundamentals of blogging, so I guess I’ll just write about who I am and what I want to blog about.  Since they said I should title this post as “who I am and why I’m here”, using those exact letters in that exact casing, I guess I’ll do so.

Who I Am

I am white male in his late 20s who graduated college in a computer-related field who has yet to acquire a job in gaming or computers.  I’m sick of waiting around while working a part-time minimum wage job, so I’ve decided to start up my own blog and hopefully make a career out of that, which hopefully means I’ll make money out of it.

Oh, and I enjoy the hell out of watching and talking about movies and videogames that I love or hate.  Sometimes I read a book too, especially a comic book (but none of those friggin Marvel/DC comics that just go on forever with no end in sight and just get ridiculous with the plot, with the occasional Batman comic aside).

Greatest movie ever: The Dark Crystal.

Greatest novel ever: who the hell knows.

Greatest comic ever: Keepers of the Maser.

Greatest game ever: I don’t know, but I do believe Final Fantasy VII has the best storyline.

Political Alignment: The only one that encourages free critical thinking, Independent.  All you “Republican or nothing” and “Democrat or nothing” people are mindless dick-sucking sheep.

Grow a free thinking mind!

Why I’m Here

I want to write reviews and opinions that are entertaining and persuasive, with a chance of being offensive to the thin-skinned pricks who can’t take an occasional insult or have their views challenged.  I don’t have time for those who aren’t willing to be open-minded and are only about confirmation bias.

Image source: https://i.ytimg.com/vi/vynHhGpbREE/maxresdefault.jpg

I will state my opinion on a film, game, or something else unabashedly, and encourage others to share that viewpoint.  If you disagree, believe me, I’ll be listening, because one of the other reasons I post my opinion is to hear the opinions of others to see if they can persuade me.  I’ve learned the benefits of being persuaded ever since I ceased being a Christian thanks to years of debating the subject.  All you atheists can stop cheering, I haven’t converted to your side.  All you agnostics can stop cheering too.  I’m simply a theist, not catering to any single religion.

So, yeah, I’m here for entertainment and learning, whether it’s for my entertainment and learning, or for the entertainment and learning of others.

3 thoughts on “who I am and why I’m here

    • Just checked them. Well, you are a programmer who loves gaming, so I guess we have that in common. Problem for me is that I’m not as passionate about the programming aspect as I should be. A decent programmer will wake up every morning (or every other morning) and work on something to increase their programming skills. I would like to do that, if I had something to work on. I just don’t have the drive for it unless I’m working in a group, in which case my drive returns and I work as hard as the rest of them.

      Throughout my life, my drive has been more for debating and blogging. It has never gone away, and it wasn’t until about a month ago that I decided to accept it on a more professional level (as professional as politically incorrect can get).

      When it comes to gaming though, video gaming aren’t the only option. In fact, as I’ve found out, they’re not my favorite option. That would be board gaming. The social face to face aspect is there, and there are many options to choose from (especially since 2005 when the golden age of board gaming had begun). Of course, there are programmers who make video game adaptations of board games, such as BattleLore or Twilight Struggle, and many smartphone apps (the popular ones being Ascension and Neuroshima Hex last I checked). In fact, some board games coming out nowadays require an app to play (X-Com, Mansions of Madness 2nd edition, Space Alert). Within the next decade, there will be a hybrid of both, which should be very interesting.

      But personally, I prefer most board games without the apps, without the hybrids.

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      • Interesting, I honestly haven’t programmed much outside my classes. It’s not a daily habit. It will be this semester though as I’m taking Algorithms. I really enjoy it though.

        Wish you luck with your new blogging endeavor. I have a similar plan, but I’m going to wait a while to monetize, if at all. It’s just something to put myself out there right now.

        I love all sorts of games, board games too! Go and Risk are two of my favorites, but many others as well. Also collect Monopolies.

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