Futility in warning against board game censorship.

A couple years back, I argued about censorship in gaming, over a concern with self-censorship of one piece of artwork from Gloom of Kilforth. I drew parallels to other games like Five Tribes and Draco Magi.

bgg comments

But you all wouldn’t listen. You all thought I was over-exaggerating. You all thought I was being overdramatic. Well, you were all wrong. There will be no Scramble For Africa.

It’s coming to this, and it’s only going to get worse. It’s going to get worse because ‘reeing’ over stuff like this has become normalized. Saying it shouldn’t be made because it’s “insensitive” has become normalized. And when something like this becomes normalized, well, there are plenty of board games about fighting against communism either politically (Twilight Struggle) or militarily (take your wargame pick from WWII and on), or anything themed against Orwellian-like stuff like Euphoria.

Guess this all means board games utilizing the theme of colonialism are no longer ok. Unlike games out there where you can play fantasy characters who obliterate their enemies with swords, arrows, and magic; or space 4x games where you can obliterate ships and people and aliens by the thousands; or wargames where you can kill whoever from whatever side; or dungeon-crawlers where, you know. Quite frankly, I’m amazed at this point that Endeavor managed to get released without caving in to similar outcries (a game I’m glad to have in my collection).


Solid standards, with no ounce of hypocrisy or irony to be found. I’d argue more, but it’s already all been said. And what’s the point? Most of those who disagree won’t listen to reason anyway. Because feelings outweigh facts.



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