Important message expires end of August 2017!

Not sure I have very many followers yet, which is why I should take this opportunity while I can before the number grows so high I can’t do this anymore without resorting to something like Patreon (something like that could eventually happen in the near future).  So, you all have seen me review films, but is there a film you are interested in having me review that I haven’t reviewed yet?  If so, this month is your opportunity to get me to review almost any film you desire.  Any film from any year that is readily available for me to watch one way or another (whether it be youtube, a rental service, or a purchase for a reasonable price), I’m willing to review it.

But there’s a catch.

I review the film if, and only if, you also watch and review one of the following films I will have listed below.  The reason I do this in August should be apparent with the first film on the list.  These are films that I believe should be reviewed that haven’t gotten anywhere near the attention they deserve.  I’d imagine that would be the same reason you would want me to review whatever you would want me to review.

So once you watch and review one of the below films, post on this page that you have done so, and provide a link to your review (it can be a video review, podcast review, written review on whatever platform, anything so long as it’s a review open to the public, not just me) so I can read and confirm that you’ve watched it.  And don’t make it a half-assed review that only consists of a couple paragraphs.  Get into it.  Make it at least 3 paragraphs.

You have until the end of August to make the review and the recommendation.  As for me, I will post reviews in response at my leisure.  It could happen on the same day you made your review, it could happen a month afterwards.  But one way or another, unless something really drastic happens in my life, I will review your recommendation and post it on my blog.

Anyway, without further ado, here’s the 7 films I’d like to see get reviews (why 7?  Because I like to go three steps amid.):

The Path to 9/11

No official DVD/VHS/Blu-Ray/Digital release.  Banned in America courtesy of Disney and the Clinton Administration, but there are ways out there to go about seeing it.  2-part miniseries that is as historic and informative as it is tense and thrilling.  Seek it out if you dare.  My 3-part review of it is available here:


The Blood of Heroes (aka Salute of the Jugger)

This is one of the very few films on this list that actually has a DVD release in America.  No blu-ray though, that’s asking for too much.  I recently did a review of this along with Atomic Blonde.  Great post-apocalyptic arena fighting film.


Frankenstein & Me

VHS release, no official DVD/Blu-Ray/Digital.  Unknown gem of a film that is family friendly.  About a group of kids who get a hold of Frankenstein’s monster’s body (or is it?).  Currently available on youtube.


Streets of Gold

Only got a VHS release, good luck finding it anywhere else, except on youtube.  A hidden gem of a boxing film which should be a classic up there with Rocky (it’s not as good as that film, but it’s definitely up there).


Death of a Soldier

VHS release.  One of the very few films where Reb Brown actually acts like he gives a damn, to the point where he was nominated for Best Actor by the Australia film awards.  Based on a true story, about event(s) that many would like to keep on the down-low.  Events that threatened to harm the relationship between USA and Australia during WWII.  Available on youtube.


Tiger on the Beat

No official release in the USA.  This film has one of the greatest action finales I’ve ever seen.  I won’t say anymore.


Once Upon a Time in High School: The Spirit of Jeet Kun Do

No official release in the USA.  Basically a coming of age high school drama, and it’s told well enough.  But what sets it apart from most films of that genre is the martial arts that are thrown in.  Not enough to make this into a martial arts genre, oh no, there’s only a couple small/brief fight scenes, and one moderately big one near the end.  The martial arts aspect is very minor, nowhere near enough to make this considered a martial arts film.  What martial arts there is is very grounded and very realistic, never over-the-top.



So those are the films.  For legal reasons, I cannot explicitly say how you can get a hold of some of these films if they’re not on youtube or available through some rental service.  But I expect those who take on this challenge to be creative.  And remember, I reserve the right to refuse a recommendation for any reason, the main one being if I’ve already reviewed the film before, the other being if it’s too difficult to get a hold of the film (and if I don’t think it would be worth the trouble).  One other thing to remember, if you ask me to review a film that you know is a steaming pile of shit, fully expect me to watch and review it knowing that it’s impossible to view it as anything other than a steaming pile of shit, then I reserve the right to trash both the film and the reviewer who recommended it to me.  I’ll be putting off my adventure into the early 90s until August is over.

The Anomalous Host has spoken!

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